Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Sitcom TV Show Edition

Welcome back to Entertainment Guru News and Views. I recently watched five of the new sitcoms that are on your local TVs and thought I would give my reviews of them, in reverse order in my opinion. It starts with NBC's Free Agents.

Free Agent

The show stars Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn. Hank plays a recently divorced man who is a little too emotional to begin dating again, but he is trying. He hooks up with Hahn, a woman in his office that lost her fiancee a year ago. It was a decent show, but not nearly as funny as someone like Azaria deserves. Hahn is a fresh face, having been a supporting actress a lot and becoming somewhat nationally known thanks to her role in Our Idiot Brother. Life Prediction Half a season.

Up All Night
Another new show from NBC. Out of all the shows it has the most notable cast, including Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. It's about a couple dealing with parenthood for the first time. Arnett's character agrees to be the stay at home dad so Applegate can return to her job as an asistant for Maya Rudolph's character. It's hard to argue the cast, the pilot was funny. It wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as some shows that have been around lately. Life Prediction One year, maybe two at most.


NBC is churning out sitcoms this season. It stars Whitney Cummings. You could see the influence of Chelsea Handler, (Whitney often appears on Chelsea Lately). It's all about her and her boyfriend (Chris D'Elia). They are a quirky couple. The show can be a little raunchy (Not as much as the next show on the list) but it's heart is definitely in the right place Life Prediction Three seasons, easily!

Two Broke Girls

CBS offers you this new show. The title says it all. You have one character Kat Dennings who is struggling to make it in New York, she has two jobs just to make it through. She has a cheating boyfriend. Then you have the daughter of a wealthy man who loses it all (Beth Behrs) who winds up working with Kat. They wind up moving in together. It definitely seems funny and very raunchy. Kat Dennings character is very sarcastic and has no innter momologue. She just lets spew out how she feels. Which can make for some very unique situations. Life Prediction Three seasons. Maybe even more.

And the best New Sitcom goes to Fox's new show

New Girl

New Girl is all about Zoey Deschanel moving after she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her (Not much difference between him and Kat Dennings's ex). She moves in with guys she met on the internet. Her character is fun and flaky and just plain silly. You know it will eventually lead to a love story with one of her new roommates. If you have seen most of Deschanel's movies, then you are familar with her character. It still translates well to the small screen. The pilot offered one of the catch phrases that is sure to make it's way into most people's lives. "Douche bag jar!" Anytime you or your friends say something that a douche would say, you put money in the douche bag jar. It makes sense. Life Prediction A full five year or more series run.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emmy Predictions 2011 Edition

I know I promised the next edition would be the Fall tv preview edition, but I totally forgot that the Emmy's were this weekend, so I will skip ahead and give you my quick Emmy Predictions plus a movie review!

Comedy Series: I think the winner will be a repeat from last year. I predict Modern Family to win. It was not a good year for 30 Rock or Big Bang Theory. The Office was in disarray most of the year. Parks and Rec is funny, but not entirely Emmy worthy. Glee can always sneak in and win, but I think we will have a repeat!

Comedy Actress: I think we will have a new winner this year from the CBS Freshman Hit Mike and Molly, Melissa McCarthy. She is the hot comedianne thanks to her role in Bridesmaides, and I can see her walking a way with the trophy.

Comedy Actor: Repeat! Jim Parsons should win this again. It's tricky competition with Baldwin, LeBlanc, CK, Carrell plus his co-star Galecki. But I don't think there would be a Big Bang without Parsons.

Drama Series: This to me is the hardest race to call right now. I honestly can see any of the six walking away. But I think with it being the last season of Friday Night Lights it deserves to walk away with the trophy. But Mad Men, Dexter, last year's winner Boardwalk Empire or Game Of Thrones could win.

Drama Actress: I am going to go and say Julianna Marguiles will win this year. It is a strong season for The Good Wife.

Drama Actor: This is another tough choice. I see the voters going off the path just once and with that I am going to say the winner will be Timothy Olyphant for Justified.


I recently saw the movie "Our Idiot Brother" starring Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zoey Deschanel. It was a different role for Paul Rudd. He was definitely more subdued then most of his other roles. The best way I can describe his character is Forrest Gump if he wasn't socially awkward. He believes the best in everybody.

Overall I thought it was a well acted very funny movie. Alot of comedies tend to go a little too far with some scenes, but I thought everything was well organized. The supporting roles include TJ Miller and Rachida Jones. Everyone played to their strengths.

I highly recommend the movie if you are looking for a simple but funny comedy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Edition

Welcome back to the Dancing With The Pseudo-Stars Edition of The Entertainment Guru News and Views. This week we will take a look at 12 new contestants and my chances they have at winning. Though I was way off with last year's predictions. This year is even more of a crap shoot, with more crap passing as Stars. Ok... so here we go.

Welcome to the Dance Floor Elisabetta Canalis. Claim To Fame George Clooney's ex girlfriend. Chances of winning? I have no idea because I barely know who you are!

Rob Kardiashian Claim To Fame A Member of the ever expanding Kardishaian clan. Chances of Winning? Not likely. There is a reason why he is the least known member of the family. Because from what I know him, he is more drunk then he is sober.

Ron Artest Claim to Fame Basketball Player. Chances Of Winning Athletes do well in these contests, but He is much larger then guys like Hines Ward. Wide Receivers are much more graceful in their motions then Power Forwards. So I give you no chance either!

J.R. Martinez Claim To Fame All My Children Soap Actor Chances of Winning I really don't know anything about him, but he apparently was in the Iraqi war so He does have stamina. Plus if you can compete against Susan Lucci on AMC, you have a certain quality most don't have. I give you a 30 % chance, and will also be the most anonymous star to win if he does so.

Kristin Cavallari Claim To Fame Appeared on The Hills. Chances of Winning Reality stars don't tend to do well in these competitons. Just ask Speidi on "I Am a Celebrity, get me out of here". So I say 10 %

Ricki Lake Claim To Fame Talk Show Hostess and actress Chances of Winning I know she has lost alot of weight. I think she can be the Kirstie Alley in this years show, going much further then most people expect her to go. But I still don't see her as the champion

David Arquette Claim To Fame Actor/Courtney Cox's ex-Husband/Former World Championship Wrestling Champion. Chances of Winning He did escape the Ghost Face Killah atleast 3 times (I didn't see Scream 4 so I don't know if Dewey is still alive). He is a funny silly man. Does that translate well to the dance floor? Nope. 0 %

Chynna Phillips Claim To Fame Singer. Chances of Winning Thanks to the Bridesmaid Cameo, a member of Wilson Phillips is trying to get to the dance floor. Does she have a chance? I think so. Is it a high one? 15% is pretty good if you ask me!

Nancy Grace Claim To Fame Lawyer/TV talking news head Chances of Winning? 100% chance! Of being the first one eliminated.

Carson Kressley Claim To Fame Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/How To Look Good Naked host Chance of Winning Not to be stereotypical, but gay men do know how to dance. So I give him a 15% to walk out winning the Mirror Ball. Now how would it color coordinate with his home decor?

Chaz Bono Claim To Fame Cher's/Sonny Bono's daughter. Chances of Winning I hope that we can get past the fact that Chaz was born a woman but is now transgendered. I give ABC and DWTS a world of props to allow him to compete. With that said, I have no idea how far he will go. I have never seen him move. But I think regardless, he will make it through atleast half through the contest due to a big GLT following.

Hope Solo Claim To Fame Soccer Player/No Relations to Han Chances of Winning I think she has the best chance of winning. Did the USA Women win the World Cup? No. But they made it much further then most people expected them to. And it was thanks to her. She is athletic and fit. I think she can win it all quite easly.

Next weeks edition will be thoughts on new season of TV coming soon. I hope you enjoyed this edition!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Harry Potter Review Edition

I recently did a blog about the ending of the Harry Potter movies. I stated that I hadn't seen a Harry Potter movie since the 3rd one and I fell asleep during it. But my girlfriend is a fan of Harry Potter so she wanted to see the last one in theaters. So I recently (and by recently I mean a month ago) took a trip to the theater to catch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

For not really knowing what was going on throughout most of the movie, and only knowing a handful of characters names (Harry, Ron, Hermonie, Snape and Voldemort) I did enjoy it. Special effects were amazing as one would expect. It was also pretty amazing to say just to see how far the three kids had come since the debut film.

I really only had one concern about the movie. The ending of the movie is supposed to be this epic battle between Harry and his archenemy Voldemort, the man that is trying to kill him. But the battle wasn't quite as long as I expected it to be. I expected the fight to be atleast ten minutes where both sides had an advantage. It didn't seem that it happened. It was a great build up to it, but the ending was slightly flat for me. It was explained to me that in the book the final battle was much more epic then what was shown. It makes sense. I mean even though the movie was split into two parts from one movie, but still it just seemed like it could have been so much more.

Otherwise I would definitely give it a solid 85 % and it's only that low just cause I was clueless for parts of it. As long as you have a basic idea of the series, I do highly recommend it!

The Keeping up with Kim Edition

So the biggest entertainment story to come down the pike recently is the marriage by Kim Kardashian to NBA player Kris Humphries. Congratulations to the happy couple. They got married this weekend in a service that could basically help correct the US debt single handed if the money was wisely spent. Which it wasn't. I am just saying.

I am not a fan of Kim. Or Khloe. Or Kourtney. Or the guy that is always drunk that is the brother who isn't even famous enough to have his name remembered. I am of the mind set that you should be famous for a reason, not just because your dad was a lawyer and your step dad is an athlete from the 1980s.

I find great humor that the television network that is making them more famous is E! There is nothing less entertaining then a talentless family who just opens up random boutiques in different cities and puts out sex tapes or has to get their butt x-rayed to proof that it's real.

The Good news for E! is they can get atleast five new shows out of this. I am not saying that I condone such things, or that I have too much free time on my hands. But I have all ready deceided what the new shows will be:
-Keeping up with The Humphries
- Kim and Kris and Baby Makes Three
-Hey? Does anyone remember Me? Starring Ray J. as he attempts to get Kim back
- The Former loves of Kim. It's an easy show to sell. Just put all of Kim's old flames in the same house with Dr. Drew. Im not saying Drew Pinsky and Kim dated, but clearly they have an addiction to her.
- Kim, Single and Loving it. Just cause sadly we know it won't work out.

They could be the first family to ever get a spin off channel! Think about: K! Kardashian/Humphrey/Odom's all the time! It's a brillant marketing plan

Don't get me wrong. I am not hoping for her to be divorced. I wish her and Kris all the luck in the world. But "celeb" weddings just don't go too well.

I also find it very creepy that she married someone who spells his name the same way her mother spells her name. K-R-I-S.

And to step away from her for just a moment. VH-1, another channel that has turned non famous people into people we sort of know is starting a new show called "La La's Full Court Life". For a channel that used to have "Celebreality" you are pushing it. You are making celebs out of anyone and giving them shows? Where is my show!? I don't even know who La La is. Is she like New York? Does she want Money? You would figure she was on Basketball Wives but I can't find any record of this person exisiting. Who doesnt want to see a show about an entertainment blogger? It's not going to make you feel dirty like most of your other shows do? Just saying!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP Edition

Another talented singer who fell to her demons last week. I admit that I was never a fan of hers. But I can understand why people listened to Amy Winehouse. She had an original sound that alot of pop stars are starting to use now.

But while on the subject of her death, I don't think you can put her in the same category of other singers that died at the age of 27. I look at the names of those who are in the 27 Club (which for the record, I am glad I am not in this prestigous club) and as talented as Amy Winehouse was, she is not in the same league. Kurt Cobain is responsible for the Grunge movement. Without Nirvana Seattle would just be a rainy town. Jimi Hendrix is one of the most talented guitarists of all time! Jim Morrison was the enigmatic lead singer for one of the most popular classic rock bands ever. Janis Joplin was a superstar when music was predominately male. Nothing against Amy Winehouse, but in this era of tabloids she is more known for going to Rehab then she is for her song "Rehab"

According to her parents, the cause of death is withdrawl from alcohol. I am not a doctor, but I think this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I understand the pains of withdrawl, but I refuse to believe that she drank so much that her body couldn't deal without it.

The music world lost another voice in the night. Regardless of the age of this singer, she provided many with great inspiration and great music. She will be missed. However, chalk another one up for the demons.... And that's sad

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Harry Potter Finale and Emmy 2011 Edition

If you think you would come here to find spoilers on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 you are sorely mistaken. Because as a matter of fact, I haven't seen it. Nor do I plan to. Nor have I seen anything since Prisoner of Azkahban. They aren't my cup of tea. I am not anti-Potter, but I am also not Pro-Potter.

That being said, the Harry Potter books and movies have played a huge part of pop culture in the years since they first debuted. So I would be remissed if I didn't mention the finale of a series of this magnitude. It helped launch the careers of three children actors who seem to be on very different paths now. Daniel Radcliffe has appeared on Broadway. Emma Watson went on to Ivy League schools and back to movies. And Rupert Grint is... well, I dont know what to say about him just yet. It allowed a guy like Alan Rickman to reconnect to a whole new audience. To me he is one of the actors that NEVER got the reconigtion he deserves. He is brillant in every role. And as Snape, you don't know if you like him or don't, but you can't take your eyes off him when he is on screen.

The books themselves opened so many doors to children that probably wouldn't have read as much as they did because of JK Rowland. I am truly impressed by the devotion that kids and now adults have shown for this series. You haven't seen this much devotion since Star Wars and Star Trek. I know people who probably cried at the end of the movie, dressed as their favorite characters. That shows you how important a series like this is. I can almost gurantee no one will be dressed as their favorite Spy Kid when the new movie opens!. (We hope not anyway) And it opened the doors for book/movie series like Twilight as well.

This week the 2011 Emmy nominations were announced. I didnt get the final counts but I think it's safe to say Modern Family had the most nominations. For exampe of the 6 nominees for best supporting actor in a comedy, four of them are from the ABC Show. I know it's "the best show on TV" but there should be limits on how many nominations per show per category. Alot of great performances went unawarded because of it. I am not going to step up on a soapbox and say who I think should have been nominated (Jason Segal or Neal Patrick Harris anyone?).

I think there wasnt many surprises this year. More surprises in who wasn't nominated then he who was. A few first time nominees. For example Josh Charles from "The Good Wife" was nominated this year. Friday Night Lights is going out with a bang with several nominations for the cast (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton). But I do think it's safe to say when the winners are named, it will be another modern family day. Stay tuned so I can give me predictions as we come closer to Emmy time.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Half Century Edition

Welcome everyone to the 50th edition of Entertainment Guru. It has been slow in Hollywood so I haven't alot to talk about. But there are some things churning so I am back to spread the news for the 50th time! Let's get into it.

Chord Overstreet was at first fired from Fox's hit show Glee. But due to fans wanting him back, it appears that the character of Sam will be back next season. It may not be a full promotion, but anything is better then being fired.

Speaking of fired, Charlie Sheen has agreed to be the subject of Comedy Central's next Roast. Never before has sooo many jokes written themselves. I hope Comedy Central plans this roast to be atleast three hours long. I don't condone drinking games (tehehehe) but if I did, there would be a serious drinking game for everytime the words Winning or Duh was said on that broadcast. I reckon you could get pretty damn trashed that day. The irony of it is the show airs the same day as the first episode with Sheen's replacement on Two and A Half Men Ashton Kutcher airs on CBS. How many people think that was planned?

It seems that Shia LaBeouf is out as the lead in the Transformers series. Who could replace him you ask? What if I told you the 2nd biggest action star in the world? The big rumor is Jason Statham will be the new main character. Now I am not sure that he can spin kick Megatron, but that would be amp the action. I am sure Shia has four or five other franchises he can get into. They are making a 5th Fast and The Furious. Shia is all about the franchises really. Come on people, we have to make it happen!

With the remake of Footloose coming out, Hollywood is once again looking to capitalize on my youth (please stop!). There is a rumor right now floating around about both a remake or a sequel to Ferris Beuller's Day off. Mathew Broderick has been quoted to say he would love to play Ferris again. And who wouldn't? As much of a fan as I am of the original, please leave it alone. You can't top yourself. Especially without the recently passed John Hughes.

We have seen some weird pairings in movies over the last fifteen years. I still don't know if you can top Jack Nicholson starring opposite Adam Sandler. But there is a movie coming soon featuring Brad Pitt and..... Jonah Hill. Two more opposites just don't exist. And it's a baseball movie! Based on real people. Do you think when Billy Beane goes home and he turns to his wife he says "I don't have to do the dishes. THey cast Brad Pitt to play me". Hmmm, I wonder if his wife looks like Angelina Jolie.....

Here's to another half century of blogging! Stay Classy, San Diego! Oh... nevermind!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dueling Movie Reviews Edition

I did something that I have never done in my entire life this past week. It's nothing huge or definitely not illegal. I went to the movies two days in a row and saw two very different movies. So I thought I would bring to you my movie reviews... first....


Every review that I had read said "Funniest movie in a while... funniest movie ever made". I know that I am not the target audience for the movie, so while I enjoyed the movie very much I dont know if I would call it the funniest movie ever. It may have been the funniest movie I have seen in the theaters in a while, but that goes to say that the last movie I saw in the Theater was "The King's Speech" so it automatically tops that. That being said, Bridesmaids was a pretty funny movie. There was some great funny moments in it. And even if you are a guy (like me) you will laugh at this movie. Not just a small chuckle but some good deep laughs. I do recommend it to just about everyone. I do have one concern about it. It's more of a pet peeve then a concern. I HATE when something that is hysterical in the trailer doesn't actually appear in the movie. "How about fight club?" is not in the movie. You should know if you put it in the trailer, fans will be looking for it. It's not that hard of a concept! It would have added three seconds to the movie! Other then that I throughly enjoyed the movie. The acting was good, the writing was pretty sharp. The puppies were adorable! (If and when you see the movie, you will know)

That was Wednesday.... Thursday we switched gears....

X-Men: First Class

I have nothing but positive things to say about this movie! And unlike the movie review I read (DAMN YOU ORLANDOSENTINEL.COM) I will not give away any spoilers. It was one of the movies that went by too quick. There were hints to the other X-Men movies, but there was also some things that told that it was also a reboot as well, not just a prequel. The effects in it were awesome. Both Michael Fassbender and James McAlvoy did great jobs channelling Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, but also making the characters their own. There are few movies I walk out of the theaters saying "I will definiately buy this the first day it's on DVD", this movie fits that perfectly regardless of the special features on the movie. The cast was great, even supporting roles from guys like Oliver Platt. I would recommend the movie to anyone, except eight year olds. LOL

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Trailer Park Edition # 1

I thought I would start a new feature that I would take a look at a few movie trailers. Starting with "Everything Must Go"

It's good to see Will Ferrell doing something slightly grown up. It looks a little different then what we are use to seeing from him. It looks cute. He can be serious when he wants to.

Next up. 50/50

No one makes cancer look funnier then Seth Rogan. This is his 2nd cancer based comedy. It looks better and funnier then Funny People.

A Little Help

Jenna Fischer in a drama about a single mother. It looks funny but serious at the same time.

The Muppets

I have nothing to say to this but AWESOME!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye Edition....

Before you get all teary eyed at the name of this week's Entertainment Guru, I am not going anywhere. I just made my not so truimphant return so it's going to take a power outtage of biblical proportions (or a really slow entertainment news week) to slow me down....

This week, after twenty five years on the air Oprah say goodbye. I will admit that I never watched much of Oprah in the past twenty five years. But she did help change the world in mostly positive ways through her talk show. It's because of her we have people like a marriage counselor on TV that has been divorced like five times. No one would know who Dr. Phil was if it wasn't for Oprah. We wouldnt really know who Gayle King was either, except I would because she used to be a newscaster in Connecticut so I had seen her long before she was OBFF (Oprah's Best Friend Forever). In fact, alot of syndicated afternoon shows wouldn't be here if the people who are hosting them didnt know Oprah.

We are also saying goodbye to Jeff Conaway. He died earlier today. It is sad when someone doesn't know how to cope with success so they turn to drinking and drugs, like the case of Conaway. It's a little known fact that if I ever got a chance to be in Grease, I wouldn't want to be Danny Zuko. No, I always thought I would make a great Kinnicki. My hats off to Jeff Conaway for the entertainment through the musical Grease as well as his time on Taxi.

Did you hear? Kim Kardashian is marrying a basketball player. I think we are to the point that when a Kardashian is born, an athlete (most likely a basketball player) should be set aside for the right time... for him to marry her. And for E! to televise every single action that they do.

I am more then impressed with Justin Timberlake these days. Just over a decade ago he was the guy in that little boy band that did ok for themselves. Sure he was in the Mickey Mouse Club when he was even younger, but really... I never expected him to turn into such an actor. He has two great movies coming out this year "Friends With Benefits" and "Bad Teacher" and also hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live and did a phenomnal job, I might add.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Truimphant Return Edition

I know it seems like the Entertainment Guru may have died a painful death. If you had me in your Death Pool, I am sorry to disappoint but as you can see I am back and pledging to return to my roots of writing as frequently as I can.

So what's been going on in the world of entertainment since I have been gone? I guess you could say the biggest story is the ongoing train wreck that is Charlie Sheen and the status of Two and A Half Men. He started a stage show that just like his career has gone up and down, with both positive and very negative reviews. He continues to act crazy. In the mean time, CBS flirted with bringing in Hugh Grant to Two and A Half Men. But in the end, they "settled" on Mr. Ashton Kutcher. Now all that's left is how they will debut his character. Is he going to still be Charlie after face surgery or did Charlie die and his soul went into a younger man? Or the third option is he is the mysterious brother Alan didnt know he had. It should be interesting to see what they do with the show moving forward.

It was recently announced that James Cameron will be re-re-releasing his "masterpiece" Titanic, this time in 3D. Because the movie didnt enough money the first two times it was in theaters, he will be sending it back out. After all it is now only the 2nd biggest grossing movie of all time. He is hoping to defeat the number one movie of all time... some crappy director did called Avatar. Oh? Wait. He did that too. And what better time to send the movie back to theaters then the 100th anniversary of the original Titanic sinking. I'm not saying he is capitolizing on a tragedy... but... um.... he kinda is!

Arnold Schwarznagger is getting a divorce due to the fact that he fathered a child that wasn't with Maria Shriver. It's been a hard year for the Terminator. Lost his office, Lost his wife. But something tells me he will be back. That may be the worst pun I have ever done. Plus it rhymes.

Alot of big movies hitting your local cinema this year. Fast Five did great. Thor is hammering it out. (get it? Hammer?) plus Pirates 4 is about to invade the theaters. It should be an interesting summer to say the least!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Edition

Breaking news: Elizabeth Taylor died earlier this morning.

I admit that I don't watch a lot of old movies, despite being the entertainment Guru. I have never seen Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf or even Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. In fact I have never seen anything that she acted in. All I can tell you is that she married alot of guys in her time and was friends with Michael Jackson.

She was a fashion icon though. She is one of the few people known more for their style then for anything else. She was humanatarian, donating a lot of her money to charities.

The last few years of her life had been known more for frequent trips to the hospital then anything.

She is one of the last Icons from Hollywood from yesteryear. She always seemed to have a certain class to her, in the interviews I saw of her, that most of today's young Hollywood will never understand. There are few people left in the world like her. Her fans all around the world will mourn her, though very few people will be surprised.

Hopefully this week I will post another blog, one that isn't so somber.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Comparing Casts Edition

I thought it would be kind of fun to do a little comparision today. So We are going to take a look at the new cast of Dancing With The Stars and compare them to the new Celebrity Apprentice. In case you didn't see the new casts (Even though Celeb Apprentice is all ready on the air), here is a look at them:

Dancing With The Stars:
*Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard
*Disney star Chelsea Kane
*Rapper Romeo sans the Lil’
*Actor Ralph Macchio
*Model Petra Nemcova
*Reality star Kendra Wilkinson
*Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward
*Radio personality Mike Catherwood
*Talk show host Wendy Williams
*Pro wrestler Chris Jericho
*Actress Kirstie Alley

Celebrity Apprentice
La Toya Jackson - Singer
Mark McGrath – Singer
Star Jones – Talk Show Host
Lisa Rinna – TV Star (Days of Our Lives)
Dionne Warwick - Singer
Richard Hatch – 1st winner of Survivor
Jose Canseco – Baseball Player
Niki Taylor - Super model
Meatloaf -Singer
Marlee Matlin - Actress
David Cassidy - Partridge Family
Hope Dworaczyk - Playboy
Lil John - Rapper
Gary Busey - Actor
NeNe Leakes - 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'
John Rich – Big & Rich

Think how awesome it would be if they reversed it and put Jose Canseco or Meatloaf on Dancing With The Stars? Ok. Enough awesome fantasy thinking... LOL.

First off, I think of the people on DWTS there are three people who really have a chance to win. Nothing against Kirstie Alley or Don't call me "Li'L" Romeo. I think that Ralph Macchio, Chris Jericho or Sugar Ray Leonard have the best chances to win. Macchio compared dancing to karate. When he starred in Karate Kid he had to train the same way. Yes that was 25 years ago, but still. I can also say that Chris Jericho is nimble enough to win. He is a hard worker and probably in the best shape of anyone in that cast. The only thing against Sugar Ray Leonard is his age. If this was 25 years ago, I think he would automatically win. Plus Romeo and Chelsea Kane werent even born when he is in his prime. The fourth most likely to win is Hines Ward, though I am not completely unbiased when it comes to Ward or Jericho for that matter. I think the first person eliminated will be Chelsea Kane. Next up is Mike Eastwood. Quite honestly I dont even know who that guy is. So how is he considered a star? Anyone? Didnt think so. I think 3rd one to go will be Kendra Wilkinson.

Then there is the crazy train that is Celebrity Apprentice. I dont think it's even possible to pick a winner in this crowd. But if I had to pick one, I think I will go with either John Rich or Mark McGrath. They seem to be the only sane ones in the group. Clearly sane doesnt fit when you talk Canseco, Meatloaf, Li'L Jon or the biggest crazy person on the show Gary Busey. I hope they keep him on for a while since he has the potential to be the biggest train wreck and I think it would be funny to witness it.

You may have heard that CBS finally got around to firing Charlie Sheen, in the Hollywood's Worst Kept Secret. No one was surprised by that. But I have been thinking about it alot recently. And not just how funny the words "Winning.. duh" is. Everyone is writing him off and saying his career is dead. But I am saying that it isnt! You read it here first. Let's rewind a few years to another actor that comes from an acting family that many people wrote off. Someone that fully admitted to using drugs, was arrested several times for posession. But that person now is more successful then he was before all the arrests, despite an early Oscar nomination. Are you trying to figure it out? The person in question is the same age as Charlie Sheen, which also makes it more striking. I am of course referring to Robert Downey Jr. I think it is possible for Sheen to pull himself together and still be relevant in Hollywood. You read it here first!

Friday, February 25, 2011

My 2011 Oscar Prediction Edition

This sunday is the Oscars! And something tells me this year there may be a few "upsets" in the winners. So Let me see how close I can get in predictions. I did decently last year. So here we go!

Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams
Helena Bonham Carter
Melissa Leo
Halllee Steinfeld
Jacki Weaver

I only saw two of these performances. I personally would like to see Hallee Steinfeld win because this was her first major role and she frightened me as a 14 year old who apparently has a good lawyer. If the other awards are an indicator then Amy Adams will win. So I will pick her to win.

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale
John Hawkes
Jeremy Renner
Mark Ruffalo
Geoffery Rush

Again, I only saw one of these performances. And I think this may be one that goes against all the other award winners. I have it between Jeremy Renner and Geoffery Rush, so I am going to give it Captain Barbossa, Geoffery Rush.

Best Actress
Annete Benning
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Lawerence
Natalie Portman
Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman. This is her year to win. She has come a long way from Star Wars in this performance.

Best Actor
Javier Bardem
Jeff Bridges
Jesse Eisenberg
Colin Firth
James Franco

Natalie Portman isn't the only lock of the night. So is Colin Firth. Back to back wins for him. As much as I liked Jeff Bridges, he basically mumbled. Anyone can mumble. But I see Colin Firth winning in a land slide.

Best Director
Darren Aronofsky
David O. Russell
Tom Hooper
David Fincher
Joel and Ethan Cohen

I think really there wouldn't be any upsets in this category. I think if any of them won, no one would be surprised. I am pulling for The Cohen Brothers to win. But I am going to go with David Fincher to win.

Best Movie
127 Hours
Black Swan
The Fighter
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone
The Kids Are All Right
The Social Network
King's Speech

I am still not a fan of ten nominations for best Movie but since I am not a voter no one asked me my opinion. I can really only see three films winning this. Black Swan, The Social Network and King's Speech. So I am going to go ahead and say Black Swan will win Best Picture

My Top 20 Beautiful Celebrity Edition

Months ago I mentioned posting a countdown of the ten most beautiful celebrities in my eyes. Well I recently decided ten wasn't enough so it needs to be twenty. So without further adieu, I give you my list:

20. Alison Scagliotta from SyFy channel's Warehouse 13

19. Tina Fey From NBC's 30 Rock

18. Lauren Graham from NBC's Parenthood

17. Robin Meade from Headline News

16. Jenna Fisher from NBC's The Office

15. Zoey Deschanel- Movie Star

14. Natalie Portman Movie Star

13. Kaley Cuocco from CBS's The Big Bang Theory

12. Erica Cerra From SyFy's Eureka

11. Eva Mendez

10. Maria Menounous from Access Hollywood

9. Alice Eve Movie Star

8. Sofia Vergerra from ABC's Modern Family

7. Mila Kunis Movie Star

6. Rachel Nichols from ESPN's Sportscenter

5. Katy Perry Singer

4. Chelsea Handler from E's Chelsea Lately

3. Alison Brie from NBC's Community

2. Michelle Beadle From ESPN's Sportsnation

1. Kris Williams From Syfy's Ghost Hunters International

All pictures were taken off a Google Search. If you own the rights to them please let me know and I will credit them to you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Billy Ray Cyrus Edition

It was announced that there will be a statue in Detriot of Robocop. No, you read that correct. Detriot will have a Robocop Statue in the city. Based off the 1987 movie about a cop that is half man, half robot starring Peter Weller. That is both kind of sad and awesome at the same time.

There is an article floating online with an interview with Billy Ray Cyrus where he says that Hannah Montana has ruined his family. He would still be happily married if it wasnt for that show. His daughter would be normal if it wasn't for that show. So she wouldn't be having her 18th birthday party in a bar where she was photographed with a bong? His concerns as a parent are understandable. I dont know everything about the Cyrus family other then they scare me so I am not entirely sure how a fictious character made his wife really leave him. Is it sad when a family goes through chaos? Yes. Especially to do it in the public eye like that. So most of his complains in the article are legit in one form or another. There are somethings that dont exactly make sense. In the article he claims his family is being under attack. Is it from the Paparazzi? Probably but that's not what he is talking about. No, Satan himself is apparently attacking the Cyrus clan. If anything Satan is attacking Charlie Sheen's liver and kidneys and just about every other major internal organ in Mr. Sheen. Billy Ray claims he never made any money off the show. It was on the air for several years. He had to have been paid for it. I think he meant he won't be seeing most of his money, his ex wife will be. I know. It is wrong for me to make fun of him, but it's either I make fun of him for that or his "Achy Breaky Heart" mullet, and let's face it everyone else has done that. Because let's face it, it would be easy for me to make up this story... here is the link to it:

Let us have a moment of silence. Justin Bieber's character was shot on CSI. And Nick Lachey was killed on Hawaii 5.0. Lance Bass? Your next!

It was rumored last week and is now true. Writer/Director Shane Black will be directing Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3. No word on villians yet. Most people dont know who Shane Black is, which I think is a good thing. Jon Favreau wasnt a popular choice for the first two movies and I think it's safe to say he did a phenomonal job with them. It doesnt need to be a famous director. I think there is less pressure on the non famous ones.

Months ago, I teased my top ten most beautiful celebrity blog. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news. It will not be posted. Awwwww. Instead it has turned into the top 20! And it will be my next blog!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Grammy 2011 Edition

Alex Rodriquez is not happy about being shown at the Super Bowl being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz. Most people can't feel bad because he is Alex Rodriquez, gets thirty million dollars a year for playing a child's game plus gets fed popcorn by an incredibly hot woman named CAMERON DIAZ!

Sadly it looks like the number one movie of this weekend may be Never Say Never- Justin Bieber. I am speechless about this. Justin Bieber? Movie star? I admit that I am not the target audience for Bieber. Which is fine cause I dont get the commercial attraction. In fact the only song I know of his is "Baby baby baby Baby Baby baby baby BAAAAABY"

Speaking of Movies, I recently saw "The King's Speech". It was a good movie, if not a little dry and a little long. I can definitely see it winning best Picture though I am still pulling for True Grit.

Tomorrow is the Grammy Awards. Honestly it makes no sense to me that records that were put out last year and up for Grammys could possibly be up this year. Songs that were performed last year are up for awards this year? I mean, clearly I am not a voter in the Grammy Awards. For example Lady Antebellum performed "Need You Now" last year and it's up for Song of the Year and Record of The Year as well. Will it win? Probably not. It will probably win the Country award but it's hard to argue against Emimen or Cee Lo Green this year.

The NBA has announced who will perform at the All Star Weekend this year. It's Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz and Josh Groban. Rihanna is up for a few Grammys with Eminem so it makes sense. I didnt know Lenny Kravitz was still making music so that should be an interesting addition. And then you after Groban who I like but still doesnt fit the mold of other pop musicians.

In Television news after years of saying he wouldn't return, Michael Rosenbaum is returning for the Finale of Smallville as Lex Luthor. He said he is "Doing it for the fans". If you were, you would have commited to it much earlier. You can't have Superman with Lex Luthor.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

True Grit Review Edition

I recently had a chance to see the Oscar nominated Western "True Grit" starring Jeff Bridges. I fully admit that it is normally out of my usual style of movies.

I didnt expect to enjoy the movie as much as I did. I mean, let's face it. The closest movie I have to a western in my DVD collection is Back To The Future 3. There was really 3 major performances in this movie.

First let me speak of Matt Damon. For a guy from Boston his texas accent is pretty good. It's much better then James "I Don't Want Your Life" Vanderbeek. He is as close to the comic relief in this movie as there will be, however everyone had some good lines.

New comer Hallie Steinfield played the role of Mattie, the girl seeking revenge on her father's murder. She kind of scared me for a 14 year old girl. She definitely deserved the Oscar Nomination that she got, especially considering this is her first major role. To share the screen with Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges and go toe to toe with them is nothing short of phenomenonal. I wouldnt want to mess with Mattie. She was total no nonsense.

And of course then there is Jeff Bridges who late in his career is reinvented himself from just a solid actor to appearing in blockbusters that you would never expect him to be in. In the role for this movie, he seemed to mumble more then he talked. But some of the looks he gave could scare the rust off of a bumper. Alot of times his character was drunk and rambling, which was pretty funny.

I would give the movie a 8 out of 10 stars and highly reccomend it. I am hoping to catch more of the Oscar nominees before the awards are given out

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Oscars 2011 Announcement Edition

Every year there is always atleast one or two noticeable person or movie that gets snubbed for the Oscar. I think it's safe to say the person that most people are surprised didnt get a nomination is Christopher Nolan for his movie "Weird Acid Trip" I mean "Inception". Speaking of "Inception", no one got acting nominations for it either. No Leonardo DiCaprio or Bane, I mean Tom Hardy. Most people expected alot of nominations for the movie.

Another movie that alot of people expected alot of Acting nominations for was "The Social Network". But only one acting nomination was had and that was for the kid chasing Zombies, Jesse Eisenberg. There was even talk of Justin Timberlake getting a nomination, which would put him in serious EGOT contention. But unfortunately for him it just didnt happen this year.

The movie with the most nominations this year was "The King's Speech". It garnered 12nominations including pretty much all the major categories like 3 for acting, directing, best picture etc etc.

I am not sure how I still feel about Best Picture having 10 films nominated. I do think this year alone though most of the nominees atleast have a chance at it. I would like to see an upset this year though I could really see 8 of the 10 films winning.

I think I will make my picks as we get closer to actual awards. I did pretty good in my picks last year. So hopefully I will continue that trend. Check back later!

In non oscar news, rumor is that after Kevin Smith's next film "Red State" he will direct just one more movie and then step out of Hollywood. Many people know what a huge Kevin Smith nerd so that is very sad news if it's true. He has become disenchanted with the Hollywood way, and quite frankly I can't say I blame him. So the last picture will be "Hit Somebody" apparently :(

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Natalie Portman Edition!

Every year, Entertainment Weekly in mid December releases their Entertainer of The Year. I know it's only mid January, but I am going on record to say who 2011 Entertainer of the Year will be. It will be none other then Queen Amidala herself, Natalie Portman.

Why do I say that? Well, for starters she has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR movies coming out in 2011. Plus, I think she has something else going on, but we will get to that a little bit later.

Her first movie of the year comes out this month. It's a comedy called "No Strings Attached" co-starring Mr. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher. Even better, it's a sex comedy starring Natalie Portman. It does look pretty funny. Ashton Kutcher plays the same character he plays in pretty much every movie, TV show and even camera commerical.

Next up is "Your Highness" co-starring James Franco, Danny McBride and Zoey Deschanel. James Franco as a brave knight? Oh yeah, I can see that. Danny Mcbride as a goofy knight? Goofy? Of course... a knight? Well, If Martin Lawrence can play a knight I dont see why.

Then in Early May a little movie called "Thor". It's the next in the Pre-Avenger Marvel comic movies also starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth. The first trailer didnt make me want to see the movie, but after the trailer I saw last night makes me excited for the movie.

At some point later in the year or early 2012 (if we as a society make it that far) she has a movie in pre-production called Cloud Atlas as well.

There is more that will add to her year. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actor's Guild award for her performance in "Black Swan". There is serious Oscar buzz for her as well for the first time in her career as well.

As if that wasnt enough for her year, she is also currently pregnant and engaged so I think that alone should make it the year of Portman!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Defense Of the "Special Sitcom" Episode Edition

Recently one of my favorite Sitcoms did an episode that was funny up until the last minute of the show and then did a tragic ending. Upon going online that night and I saw one of my friends rip the episode. The quote was something along the lines of "This show has lost it's edge lately and this just pushed it too far". He went on to say "If I wanted to watch drama, I'd turn on my real life. I turn to sitcoms for laughs, not for a reminder of real world"

First off the show in question has been pretty sharp this year, so it hasn't lost any edge. It is just as funny and witty as it always has been.

Secondly, the special episode of a sitcom has been a staple of sitcoms from as far back as I remember watching TV. Every single Sitcom has done a show or many that went from just being funny to being serious. For example, Family Ties did an episode where the Mr. Keaton's brother comes into town. Doesn't sound bad does it? Oh, did I mention he is an alcoholic? Or that he was played by Uber-Oscar winner Tom Hanks? Growing Pains did an episode where Carol's friend was in a car accident because he was drunk driving. She went to visit him in the hospital and he was fine! Yeah! But by the time she got home, Mike had to give her the bad news that he had just died. The Friend was played by Uber-Never Going to be Nominated for an Oscar Matthew Perry.Does that sound like a sitcom to you?

Sitcoms are about life. Life isn't always funny, no matter how much we try to make it. And I am sure the next episode of the show in question will be more drama then comedy. It's just a way for the actors to give their characters a little more depth and try to win an Emmy! There is nothing wrong with that, now is there?