Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Let's Go Crazy Edition

This edition is brought to you by Charlie Sheen, who like most of us, likes to trap porn stars in the bathroom of a ritzy hotel and destroy it. I mean, isn't that an every day occurence somewhere in the world. I have one trapped in my bathroom right now. I'd let her out, but I deceided to take a page out of Matthew McConahey's playbook. I'm playing the bongos naked. It's the only way to do it. How come we let celebrities get away with this crazy behavior? If I shaved my head like Britney Spears did a few years ago just out of the blue for no reason.... I'd be in solidary confinement. I mean I have NEVER done anything like that. And by never I mean... hey what's that over there?

Last week saw the return of Coco! Thats right, Conan O'Brien finally was allowed to return to TV on TBS in his new talk show. It's much like his last 2 shows. Even Andy Richter, who once controlled the Universe I'm told, is back as his side kick. On just the 2nd show he splashed a gallon of water on America's Treasure, Tom Hanks. It was just like his 80's classic movie, Splash. Without Daryl Hannah as my 2nd favorite Mermaid, behind Ariel of course.

I know it has been a while since my last update, and for that I apologize. I did try to post one last week with my first ever top ten, but it didn't work out well so hopefully soon I will work out the kinks in that.

Prince William is getting married to his long time love, Kate Middleton. He proposed in Africa. There is a rumor that he will wed her in the same place his parents got married. Yeah, good luck with that!

The Oscar talk is all ready starting. It seems to be early this year. There may be a few comdies that get nominated like "How Do You Know?". And it seems there is also a good chance that Toy Story 3 will get a picture nomination as well, it's atleast guranteed to win best animated.