Friday, May 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye Edition....

Before you get all teary eyed at the name of this week's Entertainment Guru, I am not going anywhere. I just made my not so truimphant return so it's going to take a power outtage of biblical proportions (or a really slow entertainment news week) to slow me down....

This week, after twenty five years on the air Oprah say goodbye. I will admit that I never watched much of Oprah in the past twenty five years. But she did help change the world in mostly positive ways through her talk show. It's because of her we have people like a marriage counselor on TV that has been divorced like five times. No one would know who Dr. Phil was if it wasn't for Oprah. We wouldnt really know who Gayle King was either, except I would because she used to be a newscaster in Connecticut so I had seen her long before she was OBFF (Oprah's Best Friend Forever). In fact, alot of syndicated afternoon shows wouldn't be here if the people who are hosting them didnt know Oprah.

We are also saying goodbye to Jeff Conaway. He died earlier today. It is sad when someone doesn't know how to cope with success so they turn to drinking and drugs, like the case of Conaway. It's a little known fact that if I ever got a chance to be in Grease, I wouldn't want to be Danny Zuko. No, I always thought I would make a great Kinnicki. My hats off to Jeff Conaway for the entertainment through the musical Grease as well as his time on Taxi.

Did you hear? Kim Kardashian is marrying a basketball player. I think we are to the point that when a Kardashian is born, an athlete (most likely a basketball player) should be set aside for the right time... for him to marry her. And for E! to televise every single action that they do.

I am more then impressed with Justin Timberlake these days. Just over a decade ago he was the guy in that little boy band that did ok for themselves. Sure he was in the Mickey Mouse Club when he was even younger, but really... I never expected him to turn into such an actor. He has two great movies coming out this year "Friends With Benefits" and "Bad Teacher" and also hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live and did a phenomnal job, I might add.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Truimphant Return Edition

I know it seems like the Entertainment Guru may have died a painful death. If you had me in your Death Pool, I am sorry to disappoint but as you can see I am back and pledging to return to my roots of writing as frequently as I can.

So what's been going on in the world of entertainment since I have been gone? I guess you could say the biggest story is the ongoing train wreck that is Charlie Sheen and the status of Two and A Half Men. He started a stage show that just like his career has gone up and down, with both positive and very negative reviews. He continues to act crazy. In the mean time, CBS flirted with bringing in Hugh Grant to Two and A Half Men. But in the end, they "settled" on Mr. Ashton Kutcher. Now all that's left is how they will debut his character. Is he going to still be Charlie after face surgery or did Charlie die and his soul went into a younger man? Or the third option is he is the mysterious brother Alan didnt know he had. It should be interesting to see what they do with the show moving forward.

It was recently announced that James Cameron will be re-re-releasing his "masterpiece" Titanic, this time in 3D. Because the movie didnt enough money the first two times it was in theaters, he will be sending it back out. After all it is now only the 2nd biggest grossing movie of all time. He is hoping to defeat the number one movie of all time... some crappy director did called Avatar. Oh? Wait. He did that too. And what better time to send the movie back to theaters then the 100th anniversary of the original Titanic sinking. I'm not saying he is capitolizing on a tragedy... but... um.... he kinda is!

Arnold Schwarznagger is getting a divorce due to the fact that he fathered a child that wasn't with Maria Shriver. It's been a hard year for the Terminator. Lost his office, Lost his wife. But something tells me he will be back. That may be the worst pun I have ever done. Plus it rhymes.

Alot of big movies hitting your local cinema this year. Fast Five did great. Thor is hammering it out. (get it? Hammer?) plus Pirates 4 is about to invade the theaters. It should be an interesting summer to say the least!