Friday, February 25, 2011

My 2011 Oscar Prediction Edition

This sunday is the Oscars! And something tells me this year there may be a few "upsets" in the winners. So Let me see how close I can get in predictions. I did decently last year. So here we go!

Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams
Helena Bonham Carter
Melissa Leo
Halllee Steinfeld
Jacki Weaver

I only saw two of these performances. I personally would like to see Hallee Steinfeld win because this was her first major role and she frightened me as a 14 year old who apparently has a good lawyer. If the other awards are an indicator then Amy Adams will win. So I will pick her to win.

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale
John Hawkes
Jeremy Renner
Mark Ruffalo
Geoffery Rush

Again, I only saw one of these performances. And I think this may be one that goes against all the other award winners. I have it between Jeremy Renner and Geoffery Rush, so I am going to give it Captain Barbossa, Geoffery Rush.

Best Actress
Annete Benning
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Lawerence
Natalie Portman
Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman. This is her year to win. She has come a long way from Star Wars in this performance.

Best Actor
Javier Bardem
Jeff Bridges
Jesse Eisenberg
Colin Firth
James Franco

Natalie Portman isn't the only lock of the night. So is Colin Firth. Back to back wins for him. As much as I liked Jeff Bridges, he basically mumbled. Anyone can mumble. But I see Colin Firth winning in a land slide.

Best Director
Darren Aronofsky
David O. Russell
Tom Hooper
David Fincher
Joel and Ethan Cohen

I think really there wouldn't be any upsets in this category. I think if any of them won, no one would be surprised. I am pulling for The Cohen Brothers to win. But I am going to go with David Fincher to win.

Best Movie
127 Hours
Black Swan
The Fighter
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone
The Kids Are All Right
The Social Network
King's Speech

I am still not a fan of ten nominations for best Movie but since I am not a voter no one asked me my opinion. I can really only see three films winning this. Black Swan, The Social Network and King's Speech. So I am going to go ahead and say Black Swan will win Best Picture

My Top 20 Beautiful Celebrity Edition

Months ago I mentioned posting a countdown of the ten most beautiful celebrities in my eyes. Well I recently decided ten wasn't enough so it needs to be twenty. So without further adieu, I give you my list:

20. Alison Scagliotta from SyFy channel's Warehouse 13

19. Tina Fey From NBC's 30 Rock

18. Lauren Graham from NBC's Parenthood

17. Robin Meade from Headline News

16. Jenna Fisher from NBC's The Office

15. Zoey Deschanel- Movie Star

14. Natalie Portman Movie Star

13. Kaley Cuocco from CBS's The Big Bang Theory

12. Erica Cerra From SyFy's Eureka

11. Eva Mendez

10. Maria Menounous from Access Hollywood

9. Alice Eve Movie Star

8. Sofia Vergerra from ABC's Modern Family

7. Mila Kunis Movie Star

6. Rachel Nichols from ESPN's Sportscenter

5. Katy Perry Singer

4. Chelsea Handler from E's Chelsea Lately

3. Alison Brie from NBC's Community

2. Michelle Beadle From ESPN's Sportsnation

1. Kris Williams From Syfy's Ghost Hunters International

All pictures were taken off a Google Search. If you own the rights to them please let me know and I will credit them to you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Billy Ray Cyrus Edition

It was announced that there will be a statue in Detriot of Robocop. No, you read that correct. Detriot will have a Robocop Statue in the city. Based off the 1987 movie about a cop that is half man, half robot starring Peter Weller. That is both kind of sad and awesome at the same time.

There is an article floating online with an interview with Billy Ray Cyrus where he says that Hannah Montana has ruined his family. He would still be happily married if it wasnt for that show. His daughter would be normal if it wasn't for that show. So she wouldn't be having her 18th birthday party in a bar where she was photographed with a bong? His concerns as a parent are understandable. I dont know everything about the Cyrus family other then they scare me so I am not entirely sure how a fictious character made his wife really leave him. Is it sad when a family goes through chaos? Yes. Especially to do it in the public eye like that. So most of his complains in the article are legit in one form or another. There are somethings that dont exactly make sense. In the article he claims his family is being under attack. Is it from the Paparazzi? Probably but that's not what he is talking about. No, Satan himself is apparently attacking the Cyrus clan. If anything Satan is attacking Charlie Sheen's liver and kidneys and just about every other major internal organ in Mr. Sheen. Billy Ray claims he never made any money off the show. It was on the air for several years. He had to have been paid for it. I think he meant he won't be seeing most of his money, his ex wife will be. I know. It is wrong for me to make fun of him, but it's either I make fun of him for that or his "Achy Breaky Heart" mullet, and let's face it everyone else has done that. Because let's face it, it would be easy for me to make up this story... here is the link to it:

Let us have a moment of silence. Justin Bieber's character was shot on CSI. And Nick Lachey was killed on Hawaii 5.0. Lance Bass? Your next!

It was rumored last week and is now true. Writer/Director Shane Black will be directing Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3. No word on villians yet. Most people dont know who Shane Black is, which I think is a good thing. Jon Favreau wasnt a popular choice for the first two movies and I think it's safe to say he did a phenomonal job with them. It doesnt need to be a famous director. I think there is less pressure on the non famous ones.

Months ago, I teased my top ten most beautiful celebrity blog. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news. It will not be posted. Awwwww. Instead it has turned into the top 20! And it will be my next blog!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Grammy 2011 Edition

Alex Rodriquez is not happy about being shown at the Super Bowl being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz. Most people can't feel bad because he is Alex Rodriquez, gets thirty million dollars a year for playing a child's game plus gets fed popcorn by an incredibly hot woman named CAMERON DIAZ!

Sadly it looks like the number one movie of this weekend may be Never Say Never- Justin Bieber. I am speechless about this. Justin Bieber? Movie star? I admit that I am not the target audience for Bieber. Which is fine cause I dont get the commercial attraction. In fact the only song I know of his is "Baby baby baby Baby Baby baby baby BAAAAABY"

Speaking of Movies, I recently saw "The King's Speech". It was a good movie, if not a little dry and a little long. I can definitely see it winning best Picture though I am still pulling for True Grit.

Tomorrow is the Grammy Awards. Honestly it makes no sense to me that records that were put out last year and up for Grammys could possibly be up this year. Songs that were performed last year are up for awards this year? I mean, clearly I am not a voter in the Grammy Awards. For example Lady Antebellum performed "Need You Now" last year and it's up for Song of the Year and Record of The Year as well. Will it win? Probably not. It will probably win the Country award but it's hard to argue against Emimen or Cee Lo Green this year.

The NBA has announced who will perform at the All Star Weekend this year. It's Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz and Josh Groban. Rihanna is up for a few Grammys with Eminem so it makes sense. I didnt know Lenny Kravitz was still making music so that should be an interesting addition. And then you after Groban who I like but still doesnt fit the mold of other pop musicians.

In Television news after years of saying he wouldn't return, Michael Rosenbaum is returning for the Finale of Smallville as Lex Luthor. He said he is "Doing it for the fans". If you were, you would have commited to it much earlier. You can't have Superman with Lex Luthor.