Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Untitled Edition

It would appear that the biggest hit of the new season is ABC's Flashforward. One of the stars of Flashforward is John Cho. Now the name might not sound that familar, but you have seen Cho many times. He is the Harold of Harold and Kumar. He was in American Pie as a Milf Guy. He was also in Star Trek. It got me thinking that since the last Harold and Kumar movie came out, he has moved on to some serious acting and Kal Penn (Kumar) is now working for a guy named Obama. How far those two have come since their days of cruising for White Castle. Two of the biggest stoner characters of all time have grown up to be respectable people. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. The actor who played probably the most laid back slacker of all time has become one of the most respected and honored actor not just of his generation, but of all time. Though I think he is still a complete douche....

The number one movie? Well, This is It. The Michael Jackson dance movie is number one. I am not at all surprised by that. If it's still not number one next week, I will be surprised. But after that? I expect A Christmas Carol to be in first place.

Alot of stalker news. Ryan Seacrest had a stalker. In other news, some dude was really lonely.

It seems that every so often we are "treated" to "horror movies" that are first person. There are no characters. They are real people, and instead of being put together by a director, it's all home movies. We first had The two Blair Witch Projects. Then we had Cloverfield. And then back to back Paranormal Activity and The Fourth Kind. I really want to know what the next evolution of horror movies are. I wanna get in on it! Who is with me??

Oh. For the record respectable and honored actor I refered to that I still think is a douche.... Jeff "Sean Penn" Spicoli!