Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to Week 3.

I am going to start off with something that I don't think will be a major topic of discussion here at EGNV. Politics. Sorta. Linda McMahon has resigned her current position to run for Senate in Connecticut. Now the name might now sound that familar to everyone. So let me give you a little bit more. Linda McMahon is the wife of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Her former position? CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment. I can just see the advertisment. Linda McMahon wants to put a headlock on Homelessness. She will make the Unemployment rate tap out! Linda McMahon is calling out the corrupt politicians. Steel cage match!!!!!! And speaking of the WWE, next week's guest host for Monday Night Raw. Reverened Al Sharpton. I don't know what's more messed up. That or the fact that on Ghost Hunters next week they have a special guest too. Cause when I think of the paranormal. I think Meat Loaf. Of course the advertisment had to do a joke about him running faster then a Bat out of Hell. It is being reported that Kate of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame will be getting her own talk show. Oh yeah, I can see why she is qualifed for that. Cause she has all the talent in the world. That is why I hate the society we live in. You don't need talent to be a celebrity or to get a show or two. Just look at Spencer Pratt. He puts the Douche in douchebag but he is all over your TV. For what? Nothing! I think it would be funny if Kate started dating a guy named Sven. THen they could have another show. Kate and Sven plus Ten. If that's not a ratings winner, I don't know what is. This week's number one movie at the Box office.... Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I honestly don't even have any jokes that I can make about it. I mean hell. I live in Florida. We need umbrellas in the sun and sunglasses in the rain. That's just what we need. Meatballs to be falling on our heads.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 2 of The Entertainment Guru

And the big story of the week goes to Kanye West and his giant Ego! The last time I looked the MTV Video Music Awards wasn't called the Kanye West Video Music Awards. I think we have all sat back and watched the Oscars or The Grammy's or any other award show and disagreed with the winner of a certain award. But that doesn't mean we grab the microphone and say "You shouldn't have won". And whats worse was his "apology" on the premiere of the Leno show. First off, if you haven't seen the clip look for it. Leno served him one big fat meatball of a question. "I met your mother years ago. What do you think she would have said about what you did?". Then there was the awkward silence as he 'fought tears back'. I think what actually happened was his thoughts got lost in the maze that he shaved into his head. I think it is safe to say two things. One... Kanye West don't care about white people. And two... he truly is a gay fish. The other big story of the week is American Idol has offiically jumped the shark with the hiring of Ellen Degeneres to replace Paula Abdul. Didn't they learn anything from Monday Night Football? Hiring comedians to fill a spot that isn't stand up comedy doesn't work. Dennis Miller didn't work in the booth and Ellen won't work at AI. She is the voice of America cause she knows nothing about music? Why didn't they just bring back William Hung? He truly knew nothing about music. Atleast he should prove it once again. And if we are lucky at some point Simon might reach over and smack him. Now that would be entertaining television. It might make me actually watch an episode of AI. Congratulations goes to Tyler Perry for yet another # 1 movie at the Box Office. "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" hit the top spot this week. I think it is only a matter of time before we get the movie match up I think we are all waiting for. Yes we have seen Freddy vs Jason. But when do we get to see "Madea vs Big Momma". Tyler Perry vs Martin Lawrenence in the ultimate guy in old lady costumes. And even though Madea is supposed to be an old woman and Martin Lawrence's character is supposed to be a guy dressed as an old woman, my money is still on Madea. After all, she has been to jail. Thanks for stopping by The Entertainment Guru news and views. I am always open for suggestions.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to the First Ever Entertainment Guru News and Views Blog

Welcome to the first ever Entertainment Guru News and Views Blog. I am your host, the Entertainment Guru. I receieved the name (though I probably gave myself the nickname which is pretty much the lamest thing one can do, but I digress). Of course the biggest entertainment story of the past few weeks is Disney's acquisition of Marvel Entertainment. I really don't know what to think about it. Part of me, the comic book geek is quite happy about this. But there is something that just doesn't sit well with me. All though this does open up a new window of opportunities. Think of it this way. I have heard that only Johnny Depp will be back if they do a Pirates of The Caribeean 4. So this opens up new ideas. What if Captain Jack Sparrow teams up with Namor the Submariner (he is the Marvel version of Aquaman) for an new Pirates movie? Come on. Imagine the possibilities. Or Wolverine teaming up with none other then Goofy. That is box office Gold right there. ANd this week as well starts the final (more then likely) season of Supernatural on the CW. Cause this season the Winchester Boys don't battle demons or ghosts. They kind of fight Satan himself. It's kind of hard to go back to fighting the Demon of the week after that, you know? Sadly, Smallville is still on the air and for some strange reason, I will probably still watch it despite it being so lame these days. Does anyone think that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas? Espeically when it comes to horror movies. The number one movie in America for the 2nd straight Week is The Final Destination. Which is of course different from Final Destination. Why not just call it Final Destination 4? You know somehow they will do another movie about teenagers fighting to avoid Death. And speaking of useless sequels. As they said in last year's installment.... if it's Halloween it must be Saw. That's right, kids. Saw 6 coming out this halloween. The last one made just about the same amount at the Box Office as the first one. So I am sure that means we can look forward to Saw 7 next year. And Saw 8 in 2011. And well you get the point. I want to thank you for stopping by the first addition of the Entertainment Guru News and Views. If you have any topics that you would like me to rant or rave on please leave me a reader comment and I will be more then glad to do it in a future Blog. Thanks for stopping by.