Friday, October 15, 2010

A Review of Two New Shows Edition

The new season of TV is in full swing, with 4 weeks of new shows and 3 casualities all ready. So let's have a moment of silence for My Generation, Lonestar, and Outlaw who didn't quite make it very long.

I have seen two of the new shows so here is the good and the bad reviews. Starting.... with the bad.... Outsourced....

The basic premise is an American goes to India to run a call center for american novelty products like fake blood, fake vomit and a deer head mounted on your wall that sings "Sweet Home Alabama". None of the people in India get the need for such items. And just like me, I see no need for this show. It was put on Thursday with hits Community, 30 Rock and The Office. Even with those lead in's, there is no way this show makes a 2nd season. Mark my words! I watched the first episode and I had one laugh. The only recongizable name in the show is Diedrach Bader. You may not even recongize the name, but you will know the face from Drew Carey Show and the movie Office Space, among a handful of other places. It's the fish out of water story, but this time it's an American that's not in his usual spot. I am hoping the following shows after the pilot were funnier then the others.

Then we have Hawaii 5.0 on CBS. I had decent hopes for the show but after watching it, I have more then just high hopes for it. It is a good mix of action and comedy plus familar faces from both TV and movies. The action is intense and the first four episodes have all had guest stars that are recongizable. Alex O'Laughlin and Scott Caan are great together, bouncing off each other with the quick comebacks. They are believable together. Add Daniel Dae Kim (TV's Lost) and Grace Park (TV's Battlestar Galactica) to round out the cast. If you haven't had a chance to watch it, I do highly recommend it. It's a nice touch to use the original theme song from the old show as well. Atleast watch the pilot, directed by Len Wiseman of Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard fame.