Friday, June 17, 2011

Dueling Movie Reviews Edition

I did something that I have never done in my entire life this past week. It's nothing huge or definitely not illegal. I went to the movies two days in a row and saw two very different movies. So I thought I would bring to you my movie reviews... first....


Every review that I had read said "Funniest movie in a while... funniest movie ever made". I know that I am not the target audience for the movie, so while I enjoyed the movie very much I dont know if I would call it the funniest movie ever. It may have been the funniest movie I have seen in the theaters in a while, but that goes to say that the last movie I saw in the Theater was "The King's Speech" so it automatically tops that. That being said, Bridesmaids was a pretty funny movie. There was some great funny moments in it. And even if you are a guy (like me) you will laugh at this movie. Not just a small chuckle but some good deep laughs. I do recommend it to just about everyone. I do have one concern about it. It's more of a pet peeve then a concern. I HATE when something that is hysterical in the trailer doesn't actually appear in the movie. "How about fight club?" is not in the movie. You should know if you put it in the trailer, fans will be looking for it. It's not that hard of a concept! It would have added three seconds to the movie! Other then that I throughly enjoyed the movie. The acting was good, the writing was pretty sharp. The puppies were adorable! (If and when you see the movie, you will know)

That was Wednesday.... Thursday we switched gears....

X-Men: First Class

I have nothing but positive things to say about this movie! And unlike the movie review I read (DAMN YOU ORLANDOSENTINEL.COM) I will not give away any spoilers. It was one of the movies that went by too quick. There were hints to the other X-Men movies, but there was also some things that told that it was also a reboot as well, not just a prequel. The effects in it were awesome. Both Michael Fassbender and James McAlvoy did great jobs channelling Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, but also making the characters their own. There are few movies I walk out of the theaters saying "I will definiately buy this the first day it's on DVD", this movie fits that perfectly regardless of the special features on the movie. The cast was great, even supporting roles from guys like Oliver Platt. I would recommend the movie to anyone, except eight year olds. LOL

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