Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Half Century Edition

Welcome everyone to the 50th edition of Entertainment Guru. It has been slow in Hollywood so I haven't alot to talk about. But there are some things churning so I am back to spread the news for the 50th time! Let's get into it.

Chord Overstreet was at first fired from Fox's hit show Glee. But due to fans wanting him back, it appears that the character of Sam will be back next season. It may not be a full promotion, but anything is better then being fired.

Speaking of fired, Charlie Sheen has agreed to be the subject of Comedy Central's next Roast. Never before has sooo many jokes written themselves. I hope Comedy Central plans this roast to be atleast three hours long. I don't condone drinking games (tehehehe) but if I did, there would be a serious drinking game for everytime the words Winning or Duh was said on that broadcast. I reckon you could get pretty damn trashed that day. The irony of it is the show airs the same day as the first episode with Sheen's replacement on Two and A Half Men Ashton Kutcher airs on CBS. How many people think that was planned?

It seems that Shia LaBeouf is out as the lead in the Transformers series. Who could replace him you ask? What if I told you the 2nd biggest action star in the world? The big rumor is Jason Statham will be the new main character. Now I am not sure that he can spin kick Megatron, but that would be amp the action. I am sure Shia has four or five other franchises he can get into. They are making a 5th Fast and The Furious. Shia is all about the franchises really. Come on people, we have to make it happen!

With the remake of Footloose coming out, Hollywood is once again looking to capitalize on my youth (please stop!). There is a rumor right now floating around about both a remake or a sequel to Ferris Beuller's Day off. Mathew Broderick has been quoted to say he would love to play Ferris again. And who wouldn't? As much of a fan as I am of the original, please leave it alone. You can't top yourself. Especially without the recently passed John Hughes.

We have seen some weird pairings in movies over the last fifteen years. I still don't know if you can top Jack Nicholson starring opposite Adam Sandler. But there is a movie coming soon featuring Brad Pitt and..... Jonah Hill. Two more opposites just don't exist. And it's a baseball movie! Based on real people. Do you think when Billy Beane goes home and he turns to his wife he says "I don't have to do the dishes. THey cast Brad Pitt to play me". Hmmm, I wonder if his wife looks like Angelina Jolie.....

Here's to another half century of blogging! Stay Classy, San Diego! Oh... nevermind!

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