Friday, July 15, 2011

The Harry Potter Finale and Emmy 2011 Edition

If you think you would come here to find spoilers on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 you are sorely mistaken. Because as a matter of fact, I haven't seen it. Nor do I plan to. Nor have I seen anything since Prisoner of Azkahban. They aren't my cup of tea. I am not anti-Potter, but I am also not Pro-Potter.

That being said, the Harry Potter books and movies have played a huge part of pop culture in the years since they first debuted. So I would be remissed if I didn't mention the finale of a series of this magnitude. It helped launch the careers of three children actors who seem to be on very different paths now. Daniel Radcliffe has appeared on Broadway. Emma Watson went on to Ivy League schools and back to movies. And Rupert Grint is... well, I dont know what to say about him just yet. It allowed a guy like Alan Rickman to reconnect to a whole new audience. To me he is one of the actors that NEVER got the reconigtion he deserves. He is brillant in every role. And as Snape, you don't know if you like him or don't, but you can't take your eyes off him when he is on screen.

The books themselves opened so many doors to children that probably wouldn't have read as much as they did because of JK Rowland. I am truly impressed by the devotion that kids and now adults have shown for this series. You haven't seen this much devotion since Star Wars and Star Trek. I know people who probably cried at the end of the movie, dressed as their favorite characters. That shows you how important a series like this is. I can almost gurantee no one will be dressed as their favorite Spy Kid when the new movie opens!. (We hope not anyway) And it opened the doors for book/movie series like Twilight as well.

This week the 2011 Emmy nominations were announced. I didnt get the final counts but I think it's safe to say Modern Family had the most nominations. For exampe of the 6 nominees for best supporting actor in a comedy, four of them are from the ABC Show. I know it's "the best show on TV" but there should be limits on how many nominations per show per category. Alot of great performances went unawarded because of it. I am not going to step up on a soapbox and say who I think should have been nominated (Jason Segal or Neal Patrick Harris anyone?).

I think there wasnt many surprises this year. More surprises in who wasn't nominated then he who was. A few first time nominees. For example Josh Charles from "The Good Wife" was nominated this year. Friday Night Lights is going out with a bang with several nominations for the cast (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton). But I do think it's safe to say when the winners are named, it will be another modern family day. Stay tuned so I can give me predictions as we come closer to Emmy time.

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