Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Keeping up with Kim Edition

So the biggest entertainment story to come down the pike recently is the marriage by Kim Kardashian to NBA player Kris Humphries. Congratulations to the happy couple. They got married this weekend in a service that could basically help correct the US debt single handed if the money was wisely spent. Which it wasn't. I am just saying.

I am not a fan of Kim. Or Khloe. Or Kourtney. Or the guy that is always drunk that is the brother who isn't even famous enough to have his name remembered. I am of the mind set that you should be famous for a reason, not just because your dad was a lawyer and your step dad is an athlete from the 1980s.

I find great humor that the television network that is making them more famous is E! There is nothing less entertaining then a talentless family who just opens up random boutiques in different cities and puts out sex tapes or has to get their butt x-rayed to proof that it's real.

The Good news for E! is they can get atleast five new shows out of this. I am not saying that I condone such things, or that I have too much free time on my hands. But I have all ready deceided what the new shows will be:
-Keeping up with The Humphries
- Kim and Kris and Baby Makes Three
-Hey? Does anyone remember Me? Starring Ray J. as he attempts to get Kim back
- The Former loves of Kim. It's an easy show to sell. Just put all of Kim's old flames in the same house with Dr. Drew. Im not saying Drew Pinsky and Kim dated, but clearly they have an addiction to her.
- Kim, Single and Loving it. Just cause sadly we know it won't work out.

They could be the first family to ever get a spin off channel! Think about: K! Kardashian/Humphrey/Odom's all the time! It's a brillant marketing plan

Don't get me wrong. I am not hoping for her to be divorced. I wish her and Kris all the luck in the world. But "celeb" weddings just don't go too well.

I also find it very creepy that she married someone who spells his name the same way her mother spells her name. K-R-I-S.

And to step away from her for just a moment. VH-1, another channel that has turned non famous people into people we sort of know is starting a new show called "La La's Full Court Life". For a channel that used to have "Celebreality" you are pushing it. You are making celebs out of anyone and giving them shows? Where is my show!? I don't even know who La La is. Is she like New York? Does she want Money? You would figure she was on Basketball Wives but I can't find any record of this person exisiting. Who doesnt want to see a show about an entertainment blogger? It's not going to make you feel dirty like most of your other shows do? Just saying!

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