Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Oscars 2011 Announcement Edition

Every year there is always atleast one or two noticeable person or movie that gets snubbed for the Oscar. I think it's safe to say the person that most people are surprised didnt get a nomination is Christopher Nolan for his movie "Weird Acid Trip" I mean "Inception". Speaking of "Inception", no one got acting nominations for it either. No Leonardo DiCaprio or Bane, I mean Tom Hardy. Most people expected alot of nominations for the movie.

Another movie that alot of people expected alot of Acting nominations for was "The Social Network". But only one acting nomination was had and that was for the kid chasing Zombies, Jesse Eisenberg. There was even talk of Justin Timberlake getting a nomination, which would put him in serious EGOT contention. But unfortunately for him it just didnt happen this year.

The movie with the most nominations this year was "The King's Speech". It garnered 12nominations including pretty much all the major categories like 3 for acting, directing, best picture etc etc.

I am not sure how I still feel about Best Picture having 10 films nominated. I do think this year alone though most of the nominees atleast have a chance at it. I would like to see an upset this year though I could really see 8 of the 10 films winning.

I think I will make my picks as we get closer to actual awards. I did pretty good in my picks last year. So hopefully I will continue that trend. Check back later!

In non oscar news, rumor is that after Kevin Smith's next film "Red State" he will direct just one more movie and then step out of Hollywood. Many people know what a huge Kevin Smith nerd so that is very sad news if it's true. He has become disenchanted with the Hollywood way, and quite frankly I can't say I blame him. So the last picture will be "Hit Somebody" apparently :(

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