Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emmy Predictions 2011 Edition

I know I promised the next edition would be the Fall tv preview edition, but I totally forgot that the Emmy's were this weekend, so I will skip ahead and give you my quick Emmy Predictions plus a movie review!

Comedy Series: I think the winner will be a repeat from last year. I predict Modern Family to win. It was not a good year for 30 Rock or Big Bang Theory. The Office was in disarray most of the year. Parks and Rec is funny, but not entirely Emmy worthy. Glee can always sneak in and win, but I think we will have a repeat!

Comedy Actress: I think we will have a new winner this year from the CBS Freshman Hit Mike and Molly, Melissa McCarthy. She is the hot comedianne thanks to her role in Bridesmaides, and I can see her walking a way with the trophy.

Comedy Actor: Repeat! Jim Parsons should win this again. It's tricky competition with Baldwin, LeBlanc, CK, Carrell plus his co-star Galecki. But I don't think there would be a Big Bang without Parsons.

Drama Series: This to me is the hardest race to call right now. I honestly can see any of the six walking away. But I think with it being the last season of Friday Night Lights it deserves to walk away with the trophy. But Mad Men, Dexter, last year's winner Boardwalk Empire or Game Of Thrones could win.

Drama Actress: I am going to go and say Julianna Marguiles will win this year. It is a strong season for The Good Wife.

Drama Actor: This is another tough choice. I see the voters going off the path just once and with that I am going to say the winner will be Timothy Olyphant for Justified.


I recently saw the movie "Our Idiot Brother" starring Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zoey Deschanel. It was a different role for Paul Rudd. He was definitely more subdued then most of his other roles. The best way I can describe his character is Forrest Gump if he wasn't socially awkward. He believes the best in everybody.

Overall I thought it was a well acted very funny movie. Alot of comedies tend to go a little too far with some scenes, but I thought everything was well organized. The supporting roles include TJ Miller and Rachida Jones. Everyone played to their strengths.

I highly recommend the movie if you are looking for a simple but funny comedy.

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