Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Sitcom TV Show Edition

Welcome back to Entertainment Guru News and Views. I recently watched five of the new sitcoms that are on your local TVs and thought I would give my reviews of them, in reverse order in my opinion. It starts with NBC's Free Agents.

Free Agent

The show stars Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn. Hank plays a recently divorced man who is a little too emotional to begin dating again, but he is trying. He hooks up with Hahn, a woman in his office that lost her fiancee a year ago. It was a decent show, but not nearly as funny as someone like Azaria deserves. Hahn is a fresh face, having been a supporting actress a lot and becoming somewhat nationally known thanks to her role in Our Idiot Brother. Life Prediction Half a season.

Up All Night
Another new show from NBC. Out of all the shows it has the most notable cast, including Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. It's about a couple dealing with parenthood for the first time. Arnett's character agrees to be the stay at home dad so Applegate can return to her job as an asistant for Maya Rudolph's character. It's hard to argue the cast, the pilot was funny. It wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as some shows that have been around lately. Life Prediction One year, maybe two at most.


NBC is churning out sitcoms this season. It stars Whitney Cummings. You could see the influence of Chelsea Handler, (Whitney often appears on Chelsea Lately). It's all about her and her boyfriend (Chris D'Elia). They are a quirky couple. The show can be a little raunchy (Not as much as the next show on the list) but it's heart is definitely in the right place Life Prediction Three seasons, easily!

Two Broke Girls

CBS offers you this new show. The title says it all. You have one character Kat Dennings who is struggling to make it in New York, she has two jobs just to make it through. She has a cheating boyfriend. Then you have the daughter of a wealthy man who loses it all (Beth Behrs) who winds up working with Kat. They wind up moving in together. It definitely seems funny and very raunchy. Kat Dennings character is very sarcastic and has no innter momologue. She just lets spew out how she feels. Which can make for some very unique situations. Life Prediction Three seasons. Maybe even more.

And the best New Sitcom goes to Fox's new show

New Girl

New Girl is all about Zoey Deschanel moving after she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her (Not much difference between him and Kat Dennings's ex). She moves in with guys she met on the internet. Her character is fun and flaky and just plain silly. You know it will eventually lead to a love story with one of her new roommates. If you have seen most of Deschanel's movies, then you are familar with her character. It still translates well to the small screen. The pilot offered one of the catch phrases that is sure to make it's way into most people's lives. "Douche bag jar!" Anytime you or your friends say something that a douche would say, you put money in the douche bag jar. It makes sense. Life Prediction A full five year or more series run.

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