Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The I'm so Sorry Edition

Fans of the Entertainment Guru news and views Blog, I am sooo sorry. It's been five months since my last blog, and I promise never to disappear for that long again. I promised a list of the top ten most damaged characters in the history of Television and I never delivered on it. But soon, I will. I was hoping to get alot of imput from other people, but it never happened. So I apologize. I have not given up on the list, as long as my readers have not given up on me!

The biggest news since my last blog is the Oscar nominees were announced recently. I plan on doing my own version of the Oscars, but that's to come a little bit later. Sadly, no actor will actually receive the EGNV Award, but they should! If they want to receive it, they can contact me!

It's rather shocking with all the music that came out for movies the Academy only deemed two songs worthy of best song. I know what song I am hoping for. But then again there are some days I can't tell if I am a man or a muppet. oooops, I guess I gave that away!

Look for a new post coming this week!

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