Friday, February 12, 2010

The Sports and Political Edition

The world can breath easily. MTV recently announced that the Blockbuster TV show "Jersey Shore" has been renewed. Cause there is nothing cooler then people giving themselves nicknames. Does that mean I am the "Anti-Situation"?

I have figured out how the USA can get out of the debt that we have been in for a while. There is talk of doing a sequel to a little independent film that came out recently. It's called "Avatar". Ever hear of it? Well, my idea to save the USA is to have our govermnent co-produce Avatar 2. All money goes to fixing our national debt. It is bound to work!

Today is the start of the Winter Olympics. What am I looking forward to the most? The end of the Winter Olympics!

There is a commercial airing on ESPN talking about the rookie in Nascar that is so anticiapated despite the fact she has never ran a lap. It's Danica Patrick. Here's my issue with her hype.... she won one race in Formula One. In Japan. When no one of the big people were racing that event. So what? She is a woman racing. I think she is ALL HYPE. Sorry.... she is more famous for her Go commercials then anything else.

Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints. I called it, for the record. I kinda almost got the score right too. I will take credit for that too.

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