Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Boycott Edition

I am starting a boycott that I want everyone to help me with. This is a very serious issue to me. Everyone needs to boycott the fast food restaurant “Taco Bell”. I am boycotting the restaurant and ask you to do it too. This boycott will continue until they stop airing the rapping Charles Barkley commercials. Cause those commercials certainly don’t rock.

Someone needs to tell Liam Neeson that it is no longer the 1980’s. Not only does he appear in the remake of the A-Team, but also in the remake of “Clash Of The Titans”. I am going to refer to this summer as the Summer of the Return of 1980’s. In addition to those, we also get retelling of both The Karate Kid and Nightmare On Elm Street. Oh wait that’s right we also get the Sequel to Wall Street. Cause after all “Money Never Sleeps”.

I recently had my back turned on the TV and heard a commercial that started “Join John Cusack in the biggest movie of all time” and I turned around to see a commercial for “2012”. Admittedly I was disappointed cause I thought it was a commercial for his next movie “Hot Tub Time Machine”. When I heard there was a movie called “Hot Tub Time Machine” I was disappointed at first cause I said to myself “I want to watch that but I am not going to wait till 3 a.m. to turn on Skin-a-max!” Only to find out it was a legit movie. Phew!

Movie Cast of the Week: This probably won’t be a weekly feature but I thought I would call extra attention to the cast of the movie “Takers”. This is a who’s who of film making. And by film making I mean…. Matt “I can only do Heist Movies now” Dillion, Hayden “Whiney Nooooooooooo!” Christensen and Chris Brown. I am pretty sure I saw Robin Givens in the trailer too. Now doesn’t that sound like a quality cast to you? Me Neither!

This week’s number one movie is “Shelter Island”. I read something that said Martin Scorese’s next movie will be based off of Facebook. I have no comments other then this. Entertainment Guru’s current status… will not be seeing this movie.

Join me next week when I make my Oscar Predictions here on the Entertainment Guru page

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