Thursday, February 18, 2010

The "Not too fat to Fly" edition

I finally got a chance to listen to new version of "We are the World" for Haiti and I have to say... not impressed. I admit, I am not the hippest person in the world so I think I was able to pick out like five voices and accuratetly said who it was. But really? Adding a rap modernizes it? If thats the case, give me some good old Huey Lewis and the News and Hall with Oates! I know their hearts are in the right places, but couldn't we have just written a new song to use instead of touching a classic? Do you know why very few karaoke bars have "Thriller" available for karaoke? They don't want to see it killed. Sadly... I have seen it done at karaoke... and after I post this, I will have my moment of silence....

According to a major airline, film director Kevin Smith is "too fat to fly". I work in a very tourist-y place and I see people that are clearly too fat to even walk from attraction to attraction. So how did they get there? By car? Clearly not. So they had to fly. And Kevin Smith might be large, but I see atleast ten people a day that are much larger and more morbidly obese then him. And the airline is the one looking bad in all this.

I dont know if you have noticed, but Avatar isn't the number one box office movie anymore. In fact, for two weeks in a row it hasn't been. And I am here to gloat? No. I am not. First, Dear John beat it. Then last week it was Valentine's Day, the movie. I haven't seen either, or Avatar for that matter. I do find it shocking though. First off, War movies since 9/11 have been smashed here in the US. Not one movie featuring a war has been good, even with big names attached to it. So the fact Dear John beat Avatar is pretty amazing. Great piece of trivia.... what movie beat Titanic to reclaim number one at the box office? Ironically it was during my 21st birthday week... so your welcome. :)

I find it weird that Channing Tatum didn't almost do the glorious movie "GI Joe" cause he didn't want to do a war movie... then turned around... and did a movie about a soldier going off to... war.... irony?

And the answer is..... LOST IN SPACE!

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