Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moment Of Silence...

It’s a sad day here at the news desk of the Entertainment Guru. As soon as the news of his disappearance was released, I think most of us knew how this would end. It was announced today that Andrew Koenig was found dead in a park in Vancouver. For those of that know who Koenig was, he was a supporting actor on the 80’s sitcom Growing Pains. He played Kirk Cameron’s best friend on the show. He had one of the most original characters name ever. He was Sylvester Stabbone. Because as his character said “My father really liked Rocky”. But his character was not known as Sylvester, he was known simply…. As Boner. He was one of the stereotype characters that you have seen a 1000 times. The simple minded best friend but in the end, he was a close confident to the main character. Koenig wasn’t known for anything other then playing Boner and his father being Chekov from the original Star Trek series. It’s a sad day when anyone takes their own life. Andrew Koenig wasn’t famous. Do people know who he was? Of course they do. But just like millions of people he suffered from depression. He thought no one loved him. I watched the press conference (or as Nancy Grace referred to it as a “Presser”) with his parents. It’s never easy to watch a parent dealing with the death of a child, especially when they took their own life. So all I can do is say a moment of silence for everyone who knows someone who has fought depression.

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