Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week Four: The Week of Scandals!

I think the biggest entertainment story of the week is the Makenzie Phillips incest allegations from her book "High on Arrival". She claims that her father slept with her over the course of atleast ten years. It started off while she was high on drugs and changed gradually until she consented to it. I am not here to criticize her for saying it. Do I know if she is telling the truth? No. I don't. All I am saying is that people do crazy shit on drugs. Does it make it right? No. But let's face it. Incest is a part of a society. Am I condoning it? No I am not. Look at it this way. There is a huge movie that everyone has seen atleast a dozen times that features a brother and a sister flirting with each other throughout the course of the movie and then kissing by the end. What? Don't believe me? In fact, it takes place over the course of not just one movie but 3 movies. Searching your inner movie database now, ain't ya? Poor Makenzie. She is taking all this abuse now. I guess she will just have to take it One Day at A Time.

Guess who learned how to move down a space to make the page look even more impressive? That's right. The Entertainment Guru. No more what looks to be long run on paragraphs with fancy colors to show a story has changed topics. Let's celebrate by talking about the other big drama in the world of entertainment.

Film Director Roman Polanski fell for the oldest trick in the book this week. He was "Given" an award and when he showed up, instead the police were there to arrest him for his rape charges back in the 197os. The good news was it wasn't Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen giving him the award. That would have been too much of an obvious hint. Even the girl he slept with, who is now an adult I might add, said that she doesn't think he should have been arrested recently for it. He paid his dues. But I think the funniest quote I heard and I wish I remember who said it... in regards to Polanski said "If he goes to jail, the art world loses. No more quality films". Can anyone remember his last quality film? 2002's The Pianist. The art world aint missing much. I am sorry.

Does anyone think that Bill Clinton now should get a talk show so he can get his revenge and do David Letterman sex jokes? No? Eh. It was worth a shot.

With all this sex talk..... it makes my next story even more a little more akward. For the 2nd week in a row, Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs is number one at the box office. It's nice to see a little humor and kiddy cartoons in a world of sex!

See you next week. Oh. And by the way... Luke kissed his sister Leia. In Star Wars!

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