Friday, September 17, 2010

New TV Season Edition

I know I refer to myself as the Entertainment Guru, but in actuality there are only a few tv shows I watch on a weekly basis. It starts on Sundays, of course with The Simpsons. Has the writting gone down over the years? Yes, unfortunately. But it still can be wildly entertaining from time to time. I don't care if it's on until 3000, I will watch. You know, if I am alive and all.

On Mondays, the one show I can't miss is How I Met Your Mother. Just like everyone I want to know who the mother is, but I don't. Because then the series will end. I also do enjoy Two and A Half Men. And Monday Night Raw

Tuesdays I am going to give Parenthood another shot. I heard it got better as the first season went on. I do find great humor that Parenthood goes up against The Good Wife. Why? Peter Krause is in Parenthood. Josh Charles is in "Good Wife" but to me they will always be Dan and Casey on Sports Night.

Wednesdays are my Ghost Hunters night. Not really listed in New TV Season. So moving on.

Thursdays are Community and 30 Rock plus Destination Truth.

Fridays are Smallville (which I used to be a huge fan of, but with it being the last season I owe it to myself to see how it ends) and Supernatural (Same as Smallville)

And now.... New shows that sound like they could be interesting. I'm marginally interested in The Event, though I hope its not a huge disappointment! I know TV is looking for the next big Lost... and this has that written all over it. I am also interested in Mike and Molly. For those of you who don't know, it's a romantic comedy sitcom about a couple who meets at Overeater's Anonymous. It's got a good pedigree as it comes from Chuck Lorree, who did Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. We also get an updated Hawaii 5-0, which looks decentThe Big Ratings Winner for Monday (Prediction) - House.

Looks like the big winner for new shows on Tuesday will be Fantastic Four:The TV Show. Better known as No Ordinary Family. To the point Michael Chiklis is in both. ABC also has a new cop show. Yay Cop Drama. LOL The Big Ratings Winner For Tuesday (Prediction) - Glee

If You like lawyers, then you will like Wednesdays. The Whole Truth and The Defenders premiere. We also get a new Law and Order. Add to that spies on Undercovers. The Big Ratings Winner for Wednesday (Prediction)- Modern Family

What does it say about our world when we have a movie based off Facebook (The Social Network) and a TV show based off Twitter (%#'! My Dad Says). The 3 new shows that might make an impact are My Generation on ABC, Outsourced on NBC and Nikita on CW. It's also the last season of the Office with Steve Carrell hence.... The Big Ratings Winner for Thursday - The Office

Fridays mean the return of two TV Vets. Tom Selleck and Jimmy Smits, one's a cop. One's A Lawyer. Hey that would be a great show too! But unfortunately they are on different shows. Different Networks. The Big Ratings Winner for Fridays - CSI:NY

There is NOTHING NEW on Saturday or Sundays. So yeah.... The Big Ratings Winner for Sunday: The Amazing Race!

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