Friday, July 30, 2010

The *Bleeping* *Bleep* Jail House Edition

,Yes, I know it has been absolutely a long time since the last update, so here I am with the biggest stories out of Hollywood.

Where to start with? How about Mel Gibson? He is the Bleeping Bleep part of the title. He starred in so many great action movies but who would have thought his most lethal weapon was his mouth? I am not saying I am on his side or his ex-wife's side. I think they both have issues. This isn't the first celebrity she married after all. She was once tied to former 007 actor Timothy Dalton, who at the time was a big action star too. We should have known from his arrest on DUI and "The Passion Of the Christ" that something is terribly wrong with Mel Gibson. But I don't think anyone could have seen those leaked audio tapes coming. He makes Alec Baldwin look like father of the year. And let's face it, that's quite the task! Does anyone deserve to be talked to like that? No, of course not. But I really think she things on purpose just to push his buttons. Cuz I know that I record EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CONVERSATIONS. How come that hasn't really been asked?

Switching gears, several editions ago I mentioned that Robert Downey Jr could do no wrong. If you doubt that, check out the trailer for his new movie with Zach Galifininakas called "Due Date".

Did you see President Obama on the view? He had no idea who Snookie is. I wonder what the Situation thinks of that? I think it would be a hysterical image to watch the Obamas sitting at home watching Jersey Shore. That should be a weekly TV show. And for the record, how could it be called Jersey Shore if they are in Miami?

Former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood got married recently. Congratulations to her. She married hockey player Mike Fisher.... uh huh. That's right the force is with her now. Because she is now Carrie Fisher! Speaking of American Idol, it was announced that after just one season Ellen Degeneres will be leaving the show. No word on her replacement. There is a rumor that by Monday we will know who is replacing Simon Cowell.

Does anyone really care that Lindsay Lohan is in prison? Cause quite honestly I don't. Her career has stalled. She is more known for her lesbian relationship with Samantha Ronson and being a party girl then she is for any role in a movie recently. What was her last hit? Mean Girls. In 2004! Here it is 2010. She does appear in the new movie Machete which has a huge cast including Michelle Rodriquez, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal and Robert Deniro. I'm not sure which is odder. Steven Seagal and Robert Deniro in the same movie. Or Deniro and Lohan in the same flick. Or Lohan and Seagal. I am so confused.

30 Rock is rumored to do a live edition of their show. Ask "Drew Carey show" how gimmick shows draw ratings.

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