Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sequel Edition

I just read today that there is talk of doing a new Indiana Jones movie, this time dealing with the Bermuda Triangle. I am not sure how that is even possible, but as long as they don't completely kill Indiana Jones, then I guess I can support it. Harrison Ford would consider coming back according to the reports I read as would the man with a 1,000 franchies.... Shia! (Let's face it, he doesn't need a last name)

But that's not the only sequel being talking about. Avatar 2! I'm sorry, the official title is "Avatar 2: We haven't taken all of your money yet". Rick Baker has signed on to create creatures for Men In Black 3. I am hoping this time they wind up in space, since they have saved the earth from the ground 2x all ready. Change it up, guys!

There is also Final Destination 5. I thought they said Final Destination 4 was the last? Seriously.....

There was a rumor that Jennifer Aniston would follow in the footsteps of Drew Barrymore, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jenny McCarthy and be the first to be killed in Scream 4. She has since denied it. But it can't hurt her career any more then then the last 4 movies she starred in.

Do you want to know why I love talk shows? Because they are so utterly random. Last night on one show I saw Chris Rock (love him!), Sting (Love him!!) (The singer, not the wrestler) and Snookie (Um........) all on the Tonight Show without Conan O'Brien... I mean, with Jay Leno. No place ever will those 3 ever be seen together. Two of them are rare, but the trifecta? That's just Unique!

This summer hasn't exactly been a blockbuster of a summer. Yes, Iron Man 2 did good Box Office. Shrek 4 is killing too. But that's been about it.

In other sad news, I have gained a little bit of respect for Tom Cruise after seeing him at the *Bleeping* MTV movie Awards. I bleeped it twice. Once, because of all the swearing that happened at the awards. And two, I hate Twilight. If you missed it, Tom Cruise got back in his Tropic Thunder character and appeared twice, including a dance off to Ludacris with Jennifer Lopez. I'm not making that up.

And in real sad news, the Entertainment Guru mourns the death of Rue McLanahan. Another person from my childhood gone. It's rather depressing

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