Friday, April 23, 2010

The Censored Edition

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, co-creators of South Park, have found themselves in trouble once again. The last two episodes (episodes 200-201) deal with celebrities suing the town unless they can get Mohammed's special power (long story). They dress the prophet Mohammed in a bear suit, which of course offended Muslims, naturally. Because if we know anything, Muslims have no sense of humor. Comedy Central had to censor episode 201 and seems to have also pulled episode 200 as well. Stone and Parker both received death threats from a Muslim Group located... in New York City. Oh the irony there.

There is quite the sordid Soap Opera happening in Larry King's life these days. Looks like Larry might be getting divorced for the 7th time (once again I have to point out that it should be celebrity marriage getting banned, not gay marriage. But that's just me) because he is in love with his wife's sister. While his wife is having an affair with their sons baseball coach. You wonder if all 4 of them just deceided to have one big... sleep over? It might just make it easier for everyone involved.

It's been a while since I randomly mentioned it, so Avatar! Oh yeah, and it's on DVD right now.

Further proof that we have run out of original ideas... There is talk of remaking the Dudley Moore movie Arthur. Apparently the role will be played by Russell Brand. I can understand that. It all ready sounds like he is drunk everytime he opens his mouth. And I say this admittingly cause I am a fan of Russell Brand. Playing opposite him will be Dame Judi Dench. Talk about polar opposites!

And finally.... Lets have a moment of silence. Kate Gosselin, the first non-celebrity ever to appear on Dancing With The Stars, has been eliminated. That atleast gives her a chance to go prepare for the 19,000 other shows she will appear on in the very near future. Twist of Kate? Really? A & E? Really???

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