Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 20th Edition.... Edition.

When Conan O'Brien was forced out of the Tonight Show, it seemed almost certain he would wind up doing a show on Fox. After all, he started there as a writer on The Simpsons. But then TBS stepped in. So coming to a TBS near you in November will be an unnamed Talk show starring Coco, Conan O'Brien. This week it was also announced that Kevin Eubanks will be stepping down as Jay Leno's bandleader. I'd call this the worst week in Leno's career. And the best in all of ours! :)

A recently published book stated that John Tesh used to date Oprah Winfrey. Tesh has stepped forward to admit that rumor is true. However before you get all excited and start thinking of a name for the power couple, it was before they were famous. It is still an interesting idea if you think about it.

Normally I think the 2nd worse idea on TV is reality TV. The only thing worse then that in my opinion is Washed up Celeb Reality TV. But like a train wreck, somehow I can't resist watching Celebrity Apprentice. Where else will former Wrestler Bill Goldberg face off against Cyndi Lauper? Bret Michaels vs Holly Robinson Peete.

I finally saw the Trailer for the A-Team. Quite honestly, I am not impressed. I will file this under the same category as the last GI Joe Movie. It was a good action movie but nothing like what I remember as a child.

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