Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Force Awakens Edition

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A few weeks ago it was announced that the official subtitle for the new Star Wars film would be the Force Awakens. Chris O'Mealy (of Club Kayfabe) said  "I like it, althought I know there's going to be a massive amount of bitching." Chris was right. Just a visit to the IMDB boards for the movie confirm that. There are quite a bit of threads where people bitch about the title or come up with what they think will be a better title, without actually seeing the movie first. Because the one thing I have learned is that the fans are always right. Right?

My first thought on the the new subtitle is it is better than then prequel subtitles, that's for sure. That isn't necessarily saying much. I think we can agree that "Attack Of The Clones" is the worst subtitle of the seven. The only other title that would have been worse is if they named Episode 2 "Send in the Clones".

I think the subtitle for Episode 7 leaves a little mystery to it, which I like. As usual, people on the internet are confused by the title. I saw someone on the IMDB board ask "how could the force awake, it doesn't sleep. It's not a living being".

The rumors are we will see at least a teaser trailer for the film in December. I am doing my best to avoid any spoilers leading up to the release of the trailer. I just hope that J.J. Abrams is more careful with his trailer than Joss Whedon was. If you thought what Hydra did to the Avengers 2 trailer, just imagine what kind of leaks the Sith will do?

I will say this about the cast. It is a very diverse cast. I also like that it brings the old "Hamil, Ford and Fisher" with the new "Oscar Issac, Adam Driver, and Lupita Nyong'o etc"

What are your thoughts on the new subtitle?


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