Friday, August 2, 2013

Heat On Melissa McCarthy Edition

Welcome back to another edition of the Entertainment Guru. This time I come with only good things and no Hollywood Tragedy. This time, I will share what I intended to write the last time.

I recently watched The Heat starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock and I thought I would give you my review of it. How many times have we seen buddy cop movies about two complete opposite cops who don't like each other, but in the end forge a bond and solve the case? I have lost count, as I am sure you have too. But there are always subtle variations on the movie. Maybe one cop is black (48 Hours?) or one cop is from another country (Rush Hour). Maybe one cop is straight laced (The Other Guys). Like I said, there is always something different to the genre to make it seem fresh. Sometimes actors are interchangeable but you also have to change the story just a little bit to make it feel new.

In this case, they are both female cops. One is uptight and always stressed. So, in other words, the kind of role Sandra Bullock usually plays. The other is high strung and maybe a little crazy. So, in other words, the kind of role we expect Melissa McCarthy to play.

Quite honestly, there is nothing new to the genre other than them both being female cops. So really the movie shouldn't have worked. But it did. You could tell the two actresses were having fun playing off each other. I didn't guess the ending, but I rarely do. My lovely fiancée knew who it was, so she wasn't surprised at the big reveal.

Supporting cast was good too. Marlon Wayans, Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen sighting!), Michael Rappaport and Taran Killam have the major supporting roles in the movie. Based off this role, I would like to see Marlon Wayans more. He was very charming in a role that I had never really seen from him before.

If the movie is still playing near you and you haven't seen it, I do recommend it!

There is something going on and I am getting very tired of it. Why are we constantly talking about Melissa McCarthy's weight? We don't do that for any male actor. When Chris Farley was alive, no one ever said he needed to lose weight. Jon Favreau's weight seems to be forever up and down, but are there news stories about that? No (but quite frankly, there needs to be). No one gets on Ice Cube because of his weight (maybe out of fear, and that's understandable). Jonah Hill? Enough said! But when you type in Melissa McCarthy to Google, a few of the suggestions are thin, skinny, weight, and weight loss. If you go on her iMDB page to her message board, there are some really negative things. If you don't like an actress because you don't think she is good at her job or she isn't funny, then fine. Bash her on the internet. But to make fun of her weight? That's absolutely childish. I don't understand people. Her weight has nothing to do with her as an actress. Are people's lives that boring that things like that matter? Because if it's true, then those people really have no life. I would copy and paste a link to one of the things I saw there, but I don't want to encourage others to do it.

Instead in honor of people with the maturity level of a child, I offer you this wonderful song from Bowling For Soup. It sums up how I feel about bullies.

A special thanks to my wonderful fiancée and editor for helping me! I love you!!

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