Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Iron Man 2 Review and Transformers news.

So I finally saw Iron Man 2. Just two weeks after it's debut. I was a huge fan of the first movie so I can became giddy like a school girl when I heard about the sequel. It was definitely louder then the first movie, which isn't really a bad thing. I have a few complaints about it as well as a few happy thoughts. First, the complaints. We all knew when Disney bought the rights to Marvel characters there would be some cross over potential. But I didn't know that Tony Stark's dad, Howard was actually Walt Disney in disguise. I'm pretty sure I saw World Showcase in this plans of the original Stark Expo. Atleast Mickey Mouse didn't wind up in the War Machine suit. I expect that in Iron Man 3. Mickey Rourke's character was decent despite the fact he barely was Whiplash (other then the Monaco Race scene). But the thing to remember is he was a mix of two Iron Man villians so that explains it. It was a little long and there was some scenes that just went a little far. Drunk Iron Man and a DJ was excessive as was him sitting in a doughnut.

I liked Terrance Howard in the first one. I got excited for Don Cheadle in the role for this one, but he really didn't have a whole lot to do in this movie until half way through the movie so that was disappointing. Gwentyhe Paltrow is barely in this movie as well, which was another disappointment.

I have always been a fan of Sam Rockwell. He is one of those actors that most people wouldn't reconigize but everyone has seen him in a few movies. He makes smarmy look awesome. He is a douche in this movie, and I like it.

Robert Downey Jr is excellent once again. I could watch him read the phone book and I think I'd be on the edge of my seat. He has a comedy coming out that I am looking forward to.

Scarlett Johansen kicks major butt in this movie! She is bad Ass.

Overall, it was a good action movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Megan Fox apparently is out of Transformers 3. Both her and Bruckheimer are saying it was their choice to cut her. I admit that I didn't see the 2nd one. She has kind of faded after back to back diasters at the box office (Transformers 2 and Jennifer's Body) so I can't say I blame Jerry Bruckheimer.

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