Friday, March 19, 2010

She Is Out Of My League - Movie Review Edition

We have all seen movies where it looks like an absolutely hysterical movie because the trailer is hysterical and yet when you pay your money, the only funny parts you see... well you all ready saw because of the trailer. Sure there might be one or two other funny lines, but all in all it probably wasn't worth the 9 dollars (or more!) you paid to see it.

I feared "She Is Out Of My League" would be one of those movies. And trust me when Isay... IT'S NOT. It was truly hysterical and I recommend the movie to anyone with a good sense of humor. Sure, there wasn't a lot of character development but let's face it. You don't go to comedies for character development. You go for the comedy. Truly the lead female has no reason to fall for this guy other then he makes her laugh. We really don't know much about him.

It was a great movie with some very funny lines. I did however find a weird fault in the movie. Don't worry, there is no spoiler... he finds her phone working at the airport. Says she will be back tomorrow and then invites him to the party she is working the next day. If she flew out of the airport, wouldn't she fly back into the same airport? She could have just picked up the phone then. Like I said, kind of a weird fault and thats how my brain works.

Maybe you are like me and you remember when trailers before movies were similar to the movie you are about to see. This is a run down of trailers I saw before "She is out of my league"

Iron Man 2- Let's face it... this trailer can be seen before anymore movie and it makes sense.

Nightmare on Elm Street - Really? Before a comedy?

Grown Ups - Makes perfect sense. Another comedy

The Sorcerer's Apprerentice - Um, Jay Baruschel is in both... only common sense link.

Get him to The Greek - Again, a comedy. Makes sense.

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