Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Celebrity Feud Edition

On Showbiz Tonight on HLN this week, it was announced that Kim Kardiashian and Demi Moore were in a twitter fight. Could that be the most boring feud ever? Kim posted a picture of her and some friends with the word Pimpin'!. And Demi thought we should ban that word cause it basically means slavery and women should never use that word. Wow. They should make a movie about this feud. Thats just riveting! And by riveting, I mean what has Demi Moore done since Charlie's Angels 2? And Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. The word Celebrity doesn't have the same meaning it once had.

That's not the only celebrity feud Showbiz Tonight talked about. And the other feud also doesn't neccesarily involve celebrities. Sharon Osbourne vs Former Governor Rod Boganovich, or whatever his name is. This feud started on Celebrity Apprentice. Which.... I actually started to watch but couldn't lower my esteem enough to finish it. In the commercial Sinbad referred to himself as one of the most successful comedians of all time. Um. Ego stroke anyone?

Also on Twitter, Ricky Martin last night announced he is a proud homosexual. A) That's not news to most people. Sorry, Ricky. B) If you were proud of your sexuality, why did you wait until after you aren't as famous as you once were to officially come out of the closet.

I think this has been confirmed. Beyonce is pregnant. So Beyonce is the mother, Jay-Z is the father. And the kid.... LUCKIEST KID EVER!

Number one movie of the week is "How To Train Your Dragon". It's quite the month for Jay Baruschel. He is the voice of the main character in it. Plus She is Out Of My League is still in the top 10 as well.

Friday, March 19, 2010

She Is Out Of My League - Movie Review Edition

We have all seen movies where it looks like an absolutely hysterical movie because the trailer is hysterical and yet when you pay your money, the only funny parts you see... well you all ready saw because of the trailer. Sure there might be one or two other funny lines, but all in all it probably wasn't worth the 9 dollars (or more!) you paid to see it.

I feared "She Is Out Of My League" would be one of those movies. And trust me when Isay... IT'S NOT. It was truly hysterical and I recommend the movie to anyone with a good sense of humor. Sure, there wasn't a lot of character development but let's face it. You don't go to comedies for character development. You go for the comedy. Truly the lead female has no reason to fall for this guy other then he makes her laugh. We really don't know much about him.

It was a great movie with some very funny lines. I did however find a weird fault in the movie. Don't worry, there is no spoiler... he finds her phone working at the airport. Says she will be back tomorrow and then invites him to the party she is working the next day. If she flew out of the airport, wouldn't she fly back into the same airport? She could have just picked up the phone then. Like I said, kind of a weird fault and thats how my brain works.

Maybe you are like me and you remember when trailers before movies were similar to the movie you are about to see. This is a run down of trailers I saw before "She is out of my league"

Iron Man 2- Let's face it... this trailer can be seen before anymore movie and it makes sense.

Nightmare on Elm Street - Really? Before a comedy?

Grown Ups - Makes perfect sense. Another comedy

The Sorcerer's Apprerentice - Um, Jay Baruschel is in both... only common sense link.

Get him to The Greek - Again, a comedy. Makes sense.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Milkaholic Edition

2009 was definitely the year of "Lost Celebrities". We are less then 90 days into 2010 and we have had 3 celebrities die all ready. Corey Haim was an actor from the 80's that lived life a little too fast. He was into drugs and drinking and should be the poster boy from Child Actors in Danger. Everytime he seemed to correct his life, he got into trouble again. You might remember him from The Lost Boys or Licensed to Drive. He was also in Lucas, which was a highly underrated movie with Charlie Sheen. We also lost Merlin Olsen this week. He was an NFL Hall of Famer who also turned to acting after his playing days was over. He did appear in such TV shows such as "Little House on The Praire".

It has been announced that Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for one of their Super Bowl commercials. In the commercial in question the E-Trade baby is web chatting with what can only be referred to as his girlfriend. He makes an excuse why he didnt call her the night before and the girl says "As long as that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't there". He starts to make an excuse when Baby Lindsay pops up and says "Milk-a-what?" Lindsay Lohan is claiming that the Milkaholic baby is based on her because her name is Lindsay. She claims that she deserves one name credit. Like any time you hear the name Madonna, you think of Madonna. Or when you hear Cher, you think of Cher. But does Lindsay Lohan have that kind of name recongition? Ask your self that. And then... scream HELL NO GET OVER YOURSELF. Ok. I am done.

I was pretty good with my Oscar predictions. Only missing Best Director and Best Actress. I think I got everything else. Not bad for the Entertainment Guru.

I finally saw the full trailer for Iron Man II. HOLY CRAP. It does look like it can be even better then the first one.

No big surprise. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, while for the most part trashed by the critics, topped this weekends box office. New out this week to compete will be what only looks like the next installment of the Bourne Series "Green Zone" and "She's Out Of My League", which I will see today so expect the first Entertainment Guru Movie Review coming soon. Will either top Alice? I will say no.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Oscars Edition

And welcome to the first Oscars Prediction Blog here at the Oscars Edition. For the first time in recent history there are ten nominees for best picture. So let's start at the top. Your nominees for Best Picture are...Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, Up, Up In The Air, The Hurt Locker, A Serious Man, Precious, An Education and Inglorious Basterds.

Honestly? Even though there is 10 nominees, I can really see only 4 films with a serious chance. Nothing against films like An Education or District 9. The two best chances to win are Avatar but I am honestly hoping for The Hurt Locker. So my pick.... The Hurt Locker. Why? First off, war films in the last 9 years haven't been exactly box office gold. It was a risky choice to make. Add almost all unknown actors to a movie about war directed by a female? That just screams RISKY!

Best Director Your nominees are James Cameron-Avatar, Kathyrn Bigalow - The Hurt Locker, Jason Reitman- Up In The Air, Lee Daniels - Precious and Quentin Tarantino - Inglorious Basterds. YOur winner... James Cameron for Avatar.

Best Actor Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart. George Clooney - Up In The Air. Jeremy Renner - The Hurt Locker. Morgan Freeman - Invictus. Colin Firth - A Serious Man. Your Winner- Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart. Finally.

Best ActressMeryl Streep - Julie and Julia. Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side. Carey Mulligan - An Education. Helen Mirren - The Last Station. Gabourey Sidibe - Precious. I think this might be the closest race. It's hard to pick against Meryl Streep. But I will. It comes down to Sandra Bullock or Gabourey Sidibe. In an upset, I pick Gabourey Sidibe.

Best Supporting Actor Matt Damon - InVictus. Christopher Waltz - Inglorious Basterds. Woody Harrelson - Zombieland... oh... sorry... wrong movie - The Messenger. Christopher Plummer - The Last Station. Stanly Tucci - The Lovely Bones. Your winner. Christopher Waltz - Inglorious Basterds.

Best Supporting Actress Mo'Nique - Precious. Anna Kendrick - Up In The Air. Vera Farminga - Up In The Air. Maggie Gyllenhall - Crazy Heart. Penelope Cruz - Nine. The winner. Mo'Nique - Precious.

For any technical awards, (sound, editing, etc) just pick Avatar.

Best Animated: Up
Best Original Screenplay: The Hurt Locker
Best Adapated Screenplay: Precious
Original Song : Crazy Heart

Let's see how good I am at this. Check back next week for my Post Oscar Edition!